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Here Comes the Judge! #DoubleFML 1-min Read

As seen last post, just a few weeks ago I was basking in 80-degree weather watching J.lo and Shakira shake their culos (look it up gringo…) at rehearsals in sunny Miami! Now here I sit, back in The ATL, alone with a leftover slice of frozen pizza in 30-something degree weather with a chance of… Continue reading Here Comes the Judge! #DoubleFML 1-min Read


Where Credit’s Due… #DoubleFML 1-min Read!

Yep, that RiRi gif sums up my current situation! I’m in the middle of working 14 days in a row so this one will have to be quick! But anyway, what’s up y’all?  Welcome back to #DoubleFML FatDarrellPalooza! Man, I’ve been so busy (and broke) lately that I haven’t even started Christmas shopping yet! I’ll… Continue reading Where Credit’s Due… #DoubleFML 1-min Read!