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#DoubleFML FatDarrellPalooza! is the brainchild of Darrell W. Butler, creator of The Award winning ®Fat Darrell Sandwich which was named as the best sandwich in the nation and featured in numerous print, radio and television interviews including Man vs Food, USA Today and Good Morning America!  He’s also an Internationally published Fitness Expert and media personality who has written for Allhiphop, Urblife, Bodybuilding.com, Livestrong, eHow and numerous other prestigious publications. 

How does he balance both sides?  Here’s a direct quote from an interview with Bravo TV’s Food Reporter Jennifer Paull:

“You can balance both sides.  I think that people believe that they have to either eat tree bark and lettuce all day or throw in the towel and binge on donuts and Oreos.  There’s a lot of gray area in between there to work with though and that’s what I like to demonstrate to people.  Do I have 4 percent body fat?  Yes.  Did I also just shamelessly eat an entire large pepperoni pizza by myself during the game earlier?  Also yes.  Would I do that every day?  Absolutely not, but like I said, you can live in that gray area, look great, remain overall healthy and still satisfy your cravings in moderation.”  – Fat Darrell

Besides food and fitness, Darrell is also an award-winning actor, hip-hop artist and proud graduate of Rutgers University.    

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