Leg Day! Rear view with 2020 Vision

That shirt tho!

Unfortunately, I didn’t get to wear it on Thanksgiving since I had to work that day, so I was in uniform.

tenorMy family should probably be prepared for me to break this bad boy out next year though if I can make it out there.

Or any potential “future bae’s” if we spend the day at her house instead.

…although my infamous pizza hoodie may be better suited for meeting her family for the first time.  After all, it is a special occasion…

Just kidding!  Not only about the outfit, but about the “future baes.” 

This shirt would actually be more appropriate summary of my recent dating history…

#DoubleFML 10

Anyway, speaking of “leg day,” this happened last week…

Fat Darrell 7

I guess those squats are paying off, eh?


The lies…Whoops.

In my defense, the tag said they’d stretch!

…but apparently not enough. #lies

My waist is still the same size it’s always been though, but apparently my legs and junk in the trunk have outgrown Calvin Klein’s definition of slim fit. 

Expensive lesson learned! 

Fortunately, I was wearing clean boxers that day…

Anyway, yeah, I had to work on Thanksgiving this year. 

One of my thousand jobs is with the Live Events Production Team and Mercedes Benz Stadium and we hosted theAtlanta Falcons versus New Orleans Saints game in prime time on NBC.

#DoubleFML 7I know there’s a large contingent of people who are always outraged when stores and businesses are open on holidays but know that I had the option not work, but I wanted to.  I got paid time and a half for 11 hours of work!

Christmas is rapidly approaching, and I have like $1.75 in my account so please save your pretentious boycotts for a better cause and let me live! 

Seriously though, I understand sympathizing with people and wanting them to spend time with their families but most of us know what we’re signing up for when we accept certain jobs.  Some of us also can’t travel for both Thanksgiving and Christmas so the opportunity to make some extra cash is a blessing not a reason for outrage.

Besides, check out the glorious spread the stadium provided for us in our locker room!

We had beans, greens, potatoes, tomatoes, chicken, turkeys, you name it! (shoutout to Shirley Ceaser!  If you don’t know the lyrics I just quoted or somehow haven’t heard this remix yet, enjoy!)

They also provided us with a full dessert bar, souvenir tees and scratch-offs for the chance to win other prizes including a flat screen TV!  (I lost though…twice)

So yeah, they took very good care of us and again, I made 11 hours of overtime pay so no complaints here!

#DoubleFML 6Honestly, I may not have traveled this year anyway so if I didn’t have to work, I probably would have sat at home alone with a turkey sandwich watching the Macy’s parade and football games! …again. 

I hate crashing other people’s Thanksgiving dinners and don’t trust everyone’s cooking anyway so at least this forced me to leave the house and be social. 

Oh yeah, and check it out, we even had a special guest appearance from the Budweiser Clydesdales!

Here’s a video of them arriving in our Home Depot Backyard tailgate area…

Disclaimer: If anyone from HR is reading this, please note that the video was sent to me from a fan who recorded it and my phone remained in my pocket the entire time 😉

How cool was that?!  I’ve always wanted to see them in person!

Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to take a picture with them. 

DoubleFMLI also couldn’t stay near them very long since I was the liaison for our drumline and the horses freaked out as soon as they started playing!  We had to stop immediately and head to a different area before they took off and trampled anyone!

Speaking of being trampled, I hope you all survived Black Friday at Walmart and got that 4-slice toaster of your dreams.  

Did you go Black Friday shopping?  If so, was it worth it?  Do you prefer or participate in Cyber Monday?  Comment Below!

Oh yeah, before we move on, here are some photos from our military appreciation game last weekend as well.

Technically, I didn’t take these photos either, but since I’m blatantly sitting in the military vehicle, I’ve got no disclaimers for HR this time!

Thanks to all our amazing Veterans and active military though.  Your amazing courage and sacrifices are truly inspiring.

And again, thanks to Arthur Blank and the management teams at Mercedes Benz Stadium for making it a great place to work. 

giphyI genuinely enjoy my time there, although I’ll unfortunately have to miss this weekend’s SEC Championship game and the Falcons vs Carolina Panthers games due to another commitment.

“Say what???”

Yeah, you read that correctly.  I’ll voluntarily have to skip working the next Falcons game, the SEC Championship game and The Atlanta Hawks game versus the Brooklyn Nets next door at State Farm Arena.

As most of you know, I’m a sports junkie so what could possibly be more important than those 3 events?

Well, it’s also the same reason I needed a new suit but I was hesitant to make the announcement until I signed the contract but now that I have, it’s official.

UniverseWith that said, I’m proud to announce that from Tuesday through the show on Sunday the 8th, I’ll be serving as a production assistant for the 2019 Miss Universe Pageant being held at Tyler Perry Studios here in Atlanta, GA! 

This is a huge and amazing opportunity on multiple levels so yeah, I’m excited!  (Thanks again Charlene!)

I’ve already started practicing my game face, so I don’t stare down the supermodels and contestants like a Stage 5 Creeper!  Hmm, perhaps I should wear dark shades the entire time…and loose-fitting pants…. #noslimfit

Wait what?

I’ll also be prepared to jump in at a moment’s notice if Steve Harvey even jokingly invites me to read one of the cue cards!

#DoubleFML 5While I’m making announcements, 2020 is already looking bright as I’m also proud to announce that I’ll be working both the pre and post-game shows at the College Football National Championship Game in New Orleans next month!

I’m also slated to work the Super Bowl halftime show featuring Jennifer Lopez and Shakira in Miami in February and then we host the NCAA Final Four Tournament at Mercedes Benz Stadium in March!

I say all of that not to brag but because I’m truly blessed and genuinely excited to share the great news with all of you.

Last week wasn’t the only time to be thankful for what you have so I’m grateful for the opportunities that lie ahead.

myfitnessmuseJust like you don’t need a Thanksgiving to appreciate life, you also don’t need to wait until New Years Day to kickoff your fitness goals! 

Since Miami is on the horizon, I’ve already kicked my workouts back into high gear. 

…although I may go a little lighter on the squats until the Miss Universe pageant is over.  I just bought this suit and don’t want to go viral for accidentally mooning the audience with another ripped seam incident!

Anyway, I’ve got a very busy week ahead, so I’d better close this one out but please drop a comment below before you go and thanks again for drooping by!

Until next time my friends, May the Fork be With You…


“You can’t always change the people around you, but you CAN always change the people around you… (read that again if you missed it)”

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11 thoughts on “Leg Day! Rear view with 2020 Vision

  1. It was really exciting reading this post and hearing about all of your great opportunities in upcoming events! Miss Universe Pageant huh? Wow!!! Enjoy! I simply love Shirley Ceasar’s song and try to sing it sometimes. Seeing her and those world famous horses was “the bomb.” Very crafty of you to include this in your post.


  2. Hey, love your Leg Day t-shirt and features i this post! You know as always, your pizza craze is awesome…I’ll choose it over turkey any day!!! That Thanksgiving spread by your job was no joke! Watch out for those squats and their impact on your “buns.” LOL


  3. Thanks for your time spent in sharing this post with your fans. Obviously you are super busy, but somehow you always deliver in entertaining and informing us!!!! Nice pic of you in that military vehicle. Congrats on your upcoming job opportunities and I am sure that you will do a great job in all. Way to Go….


  4. Love pics, videos and memes. I am going to share this post with others because your great talent should not be hidden from them. Great post!! I can hardly wait for National Brownie day- Dec 8th because it will give me an excuse to “pig out” on them! Oh yeah -walnut brownies!!! Lol


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