SZNs Change #DoubleFML 1-min read

#DoubleFML 4What’s up y’all?  I’m writing this one huddled under 4 blankets with the heat jacked up to tropical levels. 

Looks like I’ll be spending all my birthday money on that next electric bill eh?  #yolo 

Life comes at you fast though huh?  It was literally 70 degrees less than a week ago, but now look at us.  Cold and miserable…or at least I am.

Are we just skipping Fall entirely this year

I haven’t even had a chance to wear my favorite hoodie yet and now it’s already time to dig my winter coats out of storage?  Come on man.  I’d better not get sick.  Quick weather changes are my kryptonite.

…so is this Rihanna gif my friend Don texted me on my birthday.

Dis tew much… #birthdaycakes

Lawd have mercy. 👀😍🙌

At least someone’s still bringing the heat.  Thanks RiRi!  And thanks RiRi’s parents for creating this work of art…

#DoubleFML 7Anyway, Mother Nature’s not the only one skipping too far ahead though.  What’s with everyone skipping straight from Halloween to Christmas this year? 

I expect that from a few of you (looking at you Kim Hanneman) but EVERYBODY seems to be doing it this year. 

Geez, we literally went from #SpookySZN to #SantaSZN overnight!  What’s up with that? 

Stop sleeping on #TurkeySZN! it’s only November people! 

#SantaSNZ doesn’t officially kick off until he waves at the end of the Macy’s Day parade.  Until, I’m still booing if I hear Christmas carols being played this early.

It’s only supposed to be the “12 days of Christmas” people, not the “2 months” – calm tf down!

But anyway, yes, my birthday was the other day, on Halloween to be exact.  #ScorpioSZN

Fat Darrell Scorpio

Thanks again to all who took the time out to call, write, text and think of me on that day.  I genuinely appreciate you!

Fat Darrell ATL Flight CrewMany have asked what I did to celebrate, but as regulars here know, this is my #SophomoreSZN with the Atlanta Hawks Flight Crew entertainment team and we had a game that night. 

Since it was Halloween, we also had an elaborate halftime show featuring flash mob dance routines to Ghostbusters and Thriller that required several rehearsals, so most of my birthday was spent at State Farm Arena this year.

Although I’m still trying to track down more footage from that epic performance, here’s The Flight Crew kicking off the national broadcast on TNT!

We also made a cameo during the Fox Sports Southeast post game show after The Hawks took on the Philadelphia 76ers! 

Whether we win or lose, we always send the fans home happy with a post-game dance party so at the beginning of this video, you’ll literally see me run across the screen to get into position (follow the short bearded fella with the Nike bag)!

While the #NBAszn is just getting started, #soccerSZN has unfortunately come to an end…at least for Atlanta United, who I also work for.

Unfortunately, Toronto FC defeated them in the Eastern Conference Finals, but they still had an amazing run and I’m looking forward to them getting their redemption next year! 

In the meantime, here are a few photos taken during our last 2 MLS playoff matches at Mercedes Benz Stadium.

And of course, it’s still #NFLszn so I’ve also been working my regular gig with the Live Events Production Team for The Atlanta Falcons

Yeah yeah, if you’re a regular here, you already know my favorite team is San Francisco, but my bank account is a huge Atlanta Falcons fan so um yeah, “Rise Up”!

Anyway, here are a few of us living our best lives inside of the AT&T hype machine in our upper level fan zone.  Check out the moves (…or lack thereof lol)!

Although it’s been a bit of a rough season for The Falcons, my 49ers are still undefeated (I told you so!) and The Lakers are currently 4-1 so that’s helped me cope with my Yankees being unceremoniously bounced from the MLB playoffs. 

#DoubleFML 3But congratulations to the Washington Nationals!  …and the Washington Mystics who also won the WNBA championship earlier in the month. 

This is probably where DC sports fans are bracing for a body shot regarding their NFL team, but you get a pass since my mom and brother are fans which makes them my default second favorite team. 

So instead of snarky commentary on the Redskins dumpster fire of season, we’ll close this one out with a few photos of my mini-me nephew Domonick flexing on his classmates for “fashion day” at his elementary school last week.

Although he lives in Virginia, he’s still rocking almost the exact same outfit I wore last post at the John Wick museum so my long-distance “uncle brainwashing” is apparently still working!

Anyway, it’s now time to take advantage of that extra daylight savings hour with a power nap.  Besides, this is supposed to only be a “one-minute read” so the clock is ticking.

With that said, Happy National Sandwich Day and May the Fork be With You!


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Today’s Soundtrack

DJSeason’s Change – Expose

Theraflu Way too Cold – DJ Khaled ft. Kanye West

Vibez – DaBaby

Fashion – Lady Gaga

3 thoughts on “SZNs Change #DoubleFML 1-min read

  1. Baby it’s cold outside!!! Man, I am not quite ready for this, but since “Mother Nature rules” I guess we just have to deal with it. Love all of the pics, including your handsome little nephew rocking almost the same outfit as yours in your last post. Wow, that’s what I call good brainwashing!!! Cool, I meant stay warm!! LOL

    Liked by 1 person

  2. What a way to spend your birthday! But you know what? Even though you had to work…you appeared to be having a lot of fun and excitement leading up to and including your “Big Day!” Anyway, I hope you have many, many more. I agree with you; even though I LOVE CHRISTMAS, there will be no skipping Thanksgiving in my world!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I just realized that you had written another entertaining post and I also discovered that Nov 5th is National Donut Day! I think I will have a Scoop-in-the-Hole (scoop of ice cream in a donut) tomorrow! All I can say is thanks for this on-time info!!!. LOL I enjoyed this Great Post! Happy Belated Birthday and National Sandwich Day! Your Fatdarrell sandwich display really made me hungry…I wish I had one right now!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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