Massive (Photo) Dump: A Million Meals and a Thousand words…

tenorWhat’s up ya’ll?

Yeah, I know, it’s been awhile.  I meant to post several weeks ago but I’ve been waiting for a video clip to finally be sent (more on that later)

Anyway, during the long delay between posts, I’ve taken a lot of random photos that have been clogging the memory card on my phone. 

They say “a picture is worth a thousand words” so allow me to share some of these photos with you in the form of a massive dump.

No, I didn’t have to phrase it like that, but calling it a “massive dump” gives me an excuse to post this ridiculous tee again, so I consider that a win!

Fat Darrell Call of Dooty

Anyway, let’s start with the reason this post was so delayed. 

I had the pleasure of attending a free pop-up mobile John Wick museum last month that was filled with memorabilia from the movies.

They also had this cool green screen motorcycle set-up where it would make it look like you were fighting off villains as you sped through the streets! 

Unfortunately, they never emailed me the video so aside from not being able to show you the footage, this post was also delayed to the point that the other dates and locations for the tour are now in the past. 

I still had a great time, although my John Wick inspired outfit was a bad idea since it was 103 degrees outside that day! 

Luckily for you, I remembered to wipe most of the sweat from my giant forehead before taking the following photo with John Wick’s car.  Otherwise, you might have needed a pair of those solar eclipse glasses to stare directly at my dome in this picture. 

Fat Darrell

You’re welcome.

Anyway, they even gave me these cool souvenir post cards, a pin and a t-shirt for attending!

Oh yeah, and this guy who was randomly in front of me in line looked a lot like Lawrence Fishburne who also appears in the movie!  …although he looked more like him when he was in profile and not smiling so it may be hard to tell in these pictures.

Before we move on, not to sound like a hipster claiming to have “loved everything before it was cool” but anyone who knows me has heard me singing the praises of Keanu Reeves for well over a decade! 

Speed, The Matrix, The Devil’s Advocate, Man of Tai Chi, John Wick…so many classics! 

It’s just funny hearing the same people who mocked me for ranking him among my favorite actors now sing his praises. 

Unfortunately, most of those conversations were in person and over the phone so I can’t do a full “I told you so” without written proof.  But still…I told you so.  #NostraDarrell

DoubleFML xSo, a lot has happened with my favorite sports teams since the last time I checked in.

Rutgers Football picked up where they left off last season by losing every game since week 2 and my poor Yankees just got bounced out of the playoffs.

However, my beloved 49ers are still undefeated and appear to be on a collision course with the also undefeated New England Patriots to meet in the Super Bowl!

Who would have seen that coming?!

Oh wait, that’s right…ME. 

I may not have proof for the Keanu conversations, but I called this Super Bowl match up over a year ago!  Behold…. (thanks Facebook!)

#DoubleFML NostraDarrell

Granted, we’re only halfway through the NFL season but if my prediction holds, remember that you heard it here first!  #NostraDarrell

Oh yeah, speaking of The Patriots, I actually met their owner Robert Kraft the other day when the soccer team he also owns took on Atlanta United in the first round of the MLS playoffs!

DoubleFMl yIt’s always surreal standing several inches away from a billionaire.  We didn’t have a long conversation or anything but during the brief time we had, he was nice and pleasant.

Oh, and before you ask, no I didn’t give him direction to Magic City…

Anyway, moving on, the NBA is back!  I’m currently watching my “other favorite team” the LA Lakers as I type this (update:  they lost. 😒) .  And The Atlanta Hawks home opener is on Friday!

To kick things off, I represented The Atlanta Hawks Flight Crew at our Million Meal Pack charity event where our wonderful fans literally packed 1 million meals to fight hunger in the Atlanta Metro Region.

It was a great time and a great cause.  Hopefully we do it again soon!

The volunteer pictured beside me with the glorious “Foxy Brown” hair is my coworker Ardelia.

She also joined me to check out the WNBA’s Phoenix Mercury vs The Atlanta Dream.  Here are a few photos from that event as well.

I also had the pleasure of attending WWE’s Smackdown Live when they came to town!

Although I took a ton of photos, I’ll only post a few here but if you’re a big WWE fan and would like to see the rest, let me know!

I also worked several concerts since the last post including Zedd, Baby Metal, Griz and Rick Ross.

Fun times…

I also had the pleasure of meeting Alejandra Robles Luna (left) and Teri “Gender Bender” Suarez (right) along with the rest of the amazingly talented alternative rock band le butcherettes!  If you haven’t heard of them yet, you will… 😉 #NostraDarrell

Oh yeah, and at the Pandora Country Music Showcase, I was able to randomly take these photos inside of a prop firetruck they had on site.

Coincidentally, it was on a Throwback Thursday when this photo was taken, so here’s a throwback to my first time behind the wheel of a fire truck! 

Fat Darrell Fire 4

That’s still about as close as my feet are to the pedals when I drive now, so not much has changed since kindergarten…

Anyway, I hope that you enjoyed the photos!

We’re running long and I’m getting hungry so DJ cue the music!

Today’s Soundtrack

giphyWithout Me – Eminem

Photograph – Ed Sheeran

Wiggle it – City Girls

Money in the Grave – Drake ft. Rick Ross

Spider Waves – le butcherettes

Do you have another song that fits today’s themes or that’s just so great we should check it out anyway?  Tell us in the comments below!

giphyBefore we go, Happy Birthday to my brother Dwayne and my sister-in-law Bobbi who both had birthdays since the last post!

Since there were already so many photos, I had to cut back on the memes this post but if you’re missing them and want to get your fix, I definitely suggest you follow The Fat Darrell Page on Facebook for all the memes your heart desires.  Seriously, we post an average of 10 per day so check it out!

Also stay tuned since we have some incredible recipes and the return of the “foodie holiday’s” in our upcoming Phenomnomnomenal 1-minute reads section – coming soon!

commentIn the meantime, I bid you adieu but don’t you dare leave without leaving a comment below first!

No, seriously.  Do it now!

Alright y’all, hasta la pasta and May the Fork be With You…


“Just donated blood.  I hope whoever gets it likes wine.”

10 thoughts on “Massive (Photo) Dump: A Million Meals and a Thousand words…

  1. Nice collection of pics in your dump….keep posting such variety of things… they are very entertaining!!! Your experiences are amazing!!! Enjoyed all of them. A Million Meals? How truly awesome it must have been to be a part of such a magnificent effort. WOW!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. This is a great Blog here my friend and will be shared ASAP!!! Love all of the pics. Thank you for sharing all of your wonderful experiences with us. Keep up the great HARD WORK and never stop being funny! LOL

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I really loved and enjoyed reading and seeing all of the “great pictures” in your blog. Of course, the pic of little “fireman Darrell” caught my eye!!! He is a little cutie!!! haha You are really creative in your layout and I found this post to be very interesting! It painted a vivid picture of your “diverse world” and how involved you are. In fact after reading it, I had to show it to some of my friends and they enjoyed it also!!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. This is a massive dump and I love it!!! It is so-o-o power- packed that if I had to comment on all, it would take a full page. How do you find time to do this? I will sum this up by saying, “Love your post and thanks for doing such a GREAT job! I will come back to read more and inform others about your site.”

    Liked by 1 person

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