Takin’ Flight


Before you jump to conclusions, no, I’m not taking an actual flight.  I’d love to, but unfortunately that paper airplane is about as close as I’ll get for now!

Unless this counts…


Ah, spin cycle is lovely this time of year, isn’t it?

No folks, the title refers to The NBA’s Atlanta Hawks Flight Crew.  And while it’s not a trip to Costa Rica, the crazy ride I’m about to announce should be just as exciting!

hawksThe Atlanta Hawks Flight Crew hypes the crowd during games  and events by running on the court to throw t-shirts, host contests, dance, anything to put smiles on the faces of the fans in the stands.  They also travel throughout the arena and city getting people pumped for the home team!

In the “You Don’t Know Jackfruit” post a few weeks ago, I shared footage from when I got to join them for a WNBA game.  What I didn’t explain is that was actually the second phase of auditions to join The Crew!

Phase 1 was submitting my answers to a detailed list of questions along with a 1-minute video demonstration of how I’d hype the crowd if I was selected.  Here’s what I sent them:


**We do not own the background music – but you should already know that’s the instrumental to Back that Thing Up!**

I’m not sure if it was the shirt, the rap, the goofy dance moves or my hideous farmer’s tan that won them over but that led to being invited to the WNBA game to show them what I could do in person!

There were about 50 of us at that game, however a select few were invited to the corporate offices for face-to-face interviews.  From that group, 8 were chosen for the official roster and fortunately, I made the cut!

Fat Darrell Hawks

We have a formal staff party this Friday so I’m definitely looking forward to meeting everybody and getting started! 

giphySince we’ll be running up and down stairs and bringing full energy all game, I’ve already started hitting the gym harder! 

We’re not cheerleaders but we may still dance occasionally so I’ve got a month before the season starts to learn some new moves!

I was wearing heavy jeans and Timberland boots in that video, so it’ll be much easier to move wearing athletic gear.  Still, most of the dances I know are from the Clinton Administration!  I’d better call my nephew and a few friends to give me some lessons! 

With that said, stay tuned for updates as I prep for my new gig!  I’ll also see if my boss is cool with behind the scenes footage during the season too! 

Hmm, and this beard…

Fat Darrell 1

I think I’m going to keep it for a while though.  It’s growing on me… (<-see what I did there?)   

gnomeI’m not sure how long I’ll grow it out but once food starts getting stuck in it, I’ll probably stop.  At my height, there’s only so long I can let it grow before I look like a black garden gnome, so we’ll see what happens.

Either way, here’s hoping The Hawks have a better season than my poor Scarlet Knights. ☹ 

Rutgers had another tough outing over the weekend, but I still met up with the local Rutgers Alumni Association to cheer them on at Murph’s Bar and Grill.

My commute to the restaurant ended up being more exciting than the game!

Apparently, there was a major anime convention that weekend so to my surprise, I was greeted by hundreds of sword-wielding costumed characters! 


There was also an Atlanta Braves game being played at the stadium next door and a baby shower at the event hall, so every parking lot was full.

I drove over an hour to get there so getting back on the highway felt like a huge waste of time.  Since I hadn’t eaten yet, I was also getting hangry, so I decided to park at a strip mall a mile away and walk to the restaurant.  I definitely earned my cheat meal that day!

I passed this Volkswagen Beetle during my walk to the restaurant.


I used to call them “punch buggies” but others called them “slug bugs” –  which nickname did you prefer?  Either way, if you know what I’m talking about, we’re getting old huh?! 

Anyway, by the time I arrived, it was already the 4th quarter and the game was already out of hand. 

liz-lemon-talk-food_vmn8rdSince it was my aforementioned cheat day though, I was able to “eat my feelings” in the form of a delicious burger!

If you read the “Food Swings” post, you’ll see my review of Murph’s PB Burger that was topped with a thick layer of peanut butter.  This time, I decided to go for the jelly!

Apparently Murph’s has a secret menu where you can have any burger served “Murph’s Way” which includes a fried egg and pepper jelly.  Since these items can be placed on any of their signature burgers, I decided to try a new one this time.


I went with the Bourbon Burger which features cheddar cheese, bacon, bourbon sauce and topped with the “Murph’s Way” additions. 


It sounds like a crazy combo, but boy was it good!  I devoured that entire burger, every sweet potato fry and the pickle on the side in less than 10 minutes! 

doublefmlWait, that’s technically not true since one of the sweet potato fries accidentally fell into my bag during my eating frenzy.  I’d like to say I didn’t eat it when I found it later but hey, “waste not want not” right?  Besides, I needed sustenance for the mile walk back to my car…

Anyway, I wish I’d known about “Murph’s Way” when I ordered the PB Burger since the jelly might have been a fun addition!  I hope to try the rest of the menu in future visits but so far, the Bourbon Burger is my new favorite!

Do you have another food item, restaurant or recipe we should all try?  Tell us about it in the comments below!

Of course, what is a cheat day without dessert?  Fortunately, my local Chick-Fil-a also held an ice cream social to celebrate the beginning of Fall on Saturday.

I wouldn’t normally associate ice cream with Autumn but whatever, I’m down.  Besides, I’m currently living in Atlanta where it’s still 90 degrees outside!


Aside from unlimited toppings, games and prizes, customers were also provided 2 tickets to “the gun show” – BOOM!

Fat Darrell chickfila 3
Did you spot the chicken on the t-shirt?

I might make that my new signature stance, no matter the event or circumstances. So, don’t be surprised if you ever see a photo of me flexing with The Queen of England while hitting that HBK front double biceps pose!

Oh yeah, and since I mostly post fun cheat meals, this is the Cobb Salad I ordered at Main Event the next day when I got back on the wagon. 


Here’s the menu description:  Romaine and mixed greens, grilled chicken breast, Applewood smoked bacon, blue cheese crumbles, hard-boiled egg, avocado, grape tomatoes, roasted garlic focaccia croutons and homestyle ranch dressing.

The bartender and servers definitely got a laugh when I ordered that!  It’s obviously not traditional football food but hey, I need my abs.  Like I always say, it’s all about balance.  Besides, it was actually delicious!

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MFMThat brings us to today’s fitness tip.

I was recently asked how to get off the couch and motivated again when you’ve fallen out of love with fitness. 

That’s a great question and it honestly happens to everyone at some point. 

My first tip it to set a solid goal with a specific date.  Weddings, class reunions, vacations and events are always great motivators.  As mentioned earlier, I’m currently motivated by the upcoming Flight Crew position which has dramatically increased the intensity of my workouts.

d72b7641ccddeeaa419756920a8cb3d9If you don’t have an event that you can think of, create one!  Make a fitness challenge between your friends or sign up for a 5k.  The internet is flooded with fitness events.

Speaking of friends, the buddy system is also a great idea.  Find someone with similar goals and hold each other accountable!  Also download an app or purchase an activity tracker to hold yourself accountable as well.

Sometimes all that’s needed is a change of scenery so also consider switching up your fitness routine, changing your playlist or buying new workout clothes.

Purchase an additional outfit in the size you’d like to be too or dust off those old photos of when you were in your best shape ever.  What was different about your routine back then?  How would it feel to be that fit again?

wagonAlso analyze what’s been stopping you.  What are your excuses?  Time?  Knowledge?  Boredom?  For me, it’s my cell phone addiction so I keep it in my locker or give myself specific intervals and time limits to check it during breaks.  Every excuse has a solution but like GI Joe says, “knowing is half the battle.”

There are many other ways to find your passion again and that’s why I eventually plan to launch and entirely separate fitness section to provide even more great examples.

For now, my final piece of advice would just be to start.  Do anything.  No matter how small, go do it.  Walk around your block, do 20 push-ups, take the stairs instead of the elevator.  Doing something will always be more productive than doing nothing.  Besides, once you get started, hopefully momentum will eventually take over and you’ll keep going!  …especially after you see the first wave of results or get that “have you been working out” compliment at work!

Do you have a fitness question, goal or accomplishment you’d like to share?  Tell us in the comments below!

So, I just realized that I forgot to show you the rest of that shirt in the Hawks announcement earlier!  It actually has nothing to do with basketball, but here you go!

Fat Darrell Pacman

Speaking of ghosts, check out this Halloween costume idea from Party City! 

#DoubleFML 1#DoubleFML

For those unfamiliar with “ghosting” it’s a horrible practice in modern dating where one party randomly disappears without providing an explanation or warning. 

I think the costume idea is creative and hilarious but Twitter is apparently split since a few “ghostees” were offended.  Hmm, no sense of humor?  No wonder they were ghosted…

DoubleFML Gaga

While we’re on the subject of costumes, I’ll have to remember to do this next time I shop on Amazon!


Anyway, let’s wrap this up so I can double check my bag to see if there are any more sweet potato fries in there… cue the music!


Today’s Soundtrack

giphyFly Away – Lenny Kravitz

Basketball – Kurtis Blow

Womp Womp – Valee ft. Jeremih

The Hand that Feeds – Nine Inch Nails

Time Is Up – Poppy ft Diplo

Bad Romance – Lady Gaga

Do you have another song that fits today’s themes or that’s just so great we should check it out anyway?  Tell us in the comments below!

Before we head out, here’s the list of “foodie holidays” that occur between this and next post!


There are some great ones this week! Lobster Day huh? Oh my, how boujee!

chocolate milkMost of you don’t need an excuse to drink more coffee or have a beer! My nephew also gets “chocolate milk wasted” every day so it should be a fun week for all!

It’ll also be October next post so that’s exciting, even if it’s still hot outside down here! 

As for plans?  I have a ton of work to do this week but I’ll still swing by the Hawks mixer Friday night!

hellfestI need to finally check out The Nun while it’s still in theaters.  Hmm, I also think this movie, Hell Fest, that I did background work for several months ago comes out this weekend.  Look for the bright orange jacket in the background if you go see it!

Before you go, please leave a comment below and feel free to hit those “like” and “share” buttons!  Also make sure to follow me on social media by clicking the logos on the side panel.  Oh yeah, and if you’re shopping for Halloween costumes and goodies, make sure to drop by our #DoubleFML Deals and Discounts page for several hook-ups first!

Anyway, that about does it for this week folks.  Thanks again for dropping by and until next time, May the Fork be With You…


“The trees are about to show us how lovely it is to let things go…”


42 thoughts on “Takin’ Flight

  1. I don’t wanna be one of those people asking for a shirt!! Lol…. congratulations on your new job!! I used to LOVE the hawks and would go to games frequently but since I have a toddler now those hv been few (as in never go anymore!) this is awesome tho!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. It is so cool that you have been selected as a member of the flight team! Go Atlanta Hawks – here comes Darrell!!! I am sure that with all of your advanced prep in the gym, you’re going to be “fired up and ready to go.” By the way, love your video demo!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Sounds as if you ventured into an exciting weekend, festival and all! Right now as I reading this interesting post, I am extremely hungry. Wish I had one of those Bourbon Burgers. It looks so-o-o delicious!!! You really know how to work up those taste-buds :)! Love those “little guys” taking a flight lol

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Congrats are in order on your Flight Team selection!!!! I am sure that you are going to do a great job with the team because you are so funny with many, many creative ideas!!!!. “How bout them Tot Pockets?” This really cracked me up! By the way, where I come from “punch buggies” was the nickname for the Volkswagen Beetle.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for the well wishes! Ha, those Tots were from the movie Napoleon Dynamite! I hear they’re making a sequel…and yes, I called the punch buggies too! A few friends called them slug bugs though so I’m sure that name will get a few votes too!


  5. Oops!!! I am not tired or hungry now and see that in my previous comments I goofed by saying “Right now as I reading…” meant to say…”Right now as I am reading… This lets us know that words make a difference!!! LOL.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. “Takin Flight” are you? Get your swag on!!!. Congrats on becoming an Atlanta Hawks Flight Team member!!! Love your garb and of course your Foodie content!. Thank you so very much for your fitness tips this week and for helping me get back on track. These extra inches and pounds “got to go.” Lol

    Liked by 1 person

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