Varsity Blues: Peachy…just peachy.

varsityWell, I tried.

This restaurant, The Varsity, held it’s 90th anniversary party on Saturday. 

Since they were established near the Georgia Tech campus back in 1928 and are the world’s largest drive-in restaurant, they’re an Atlanta institution! 

m #DoubleFMLI’ve heard a lot about this place so eating there is on my official “Georgia Bucket List” of things I’d like to do before I eventually relocate. 

This seemed like the perfect weekend to finally do so.  Not only were all menu items a mere 90 cents, they also had music, door prizes and visits from the local sports team mascots! 

Oh yeah, and while I don’t see it listed online, rumor has it they serve a burger that uses grilled cheese sandwiches for buns!  What?!  Count me in!

The event was scheduled from 10:30am until 3pm so I woke up early to workout.  With an entire menu at my disposal for less than a dollar, things were likely to get ugly, so my plan was to offset that with a little exercise first! 

A sound theory?  Perhaps, but in hindsight, I should have just driven down first thing.     

The power of chili cheese dogs…

By the time I finally made it downtown, the line was literally wrapped around the block! 

There were people from all walks of life and every race.  I swear, you could probably heal the world with 90 cent burgers! 

Seriously, the local polling stations have never been this crowded. but you announce 90 cent chili dogs and it’s like Black Friday in August! Geez.

So obviously, every nearby parking spot was taken and paying $20 to pull into a garage then walk a mile to stand in line for an hour to save $2 seemed a bit silly.  After circling the block several times, I finally decided to abort the mission to run errands instead. 

Bummer.  I’ll have to wait and check that off my Georgia bucket list when it’s less crowded.

GAOne thing I could still check off my list was finally having a peach in “The Peach state” though.

I somehow managed to have jackfruit last post but still haven’t tried the local peaches Georgia is known for?  Huh? 

Hmm, thinking back, I haven’t purchased an apple in “The Big Apple” yet either, but that’ll have to wait until I head back north. 

Today, I’m a mere grocery stop away from completing this simple mission, so I say we do it now!

Oh, but we’re not stopping at boujee Whole Foods this week!  No way.  I’m not spending $50 on a bag of peaches!  It’s not that serious folks…

Fat Darrell DoubleFML

I’m kidding of course.  Since Amazon took them over, Whole Foods prices have dropped significantly.

Overall, they’re still more expensive than most stores though, so on the grocery scale of boujee (*Georgia edition), they remain at the top of the list.  Here are my current boujee power rankings:

DoubleFML l

Anyway, here it is.  A Georgia peach.  Bask in its gloriousness.

There was a time when…

Oh….wait.  The shirt?  Sure, here’s a closer look:


#FatDarrell 4

Pawsitive Vibes.  Ha, get it?!  Puntastic.

Anyway, as I was saying, there was a time when…

Okay yes, I played it straight with the white hat.  I was trying to act mature…or as mature as one can act with a rasta cat DJ on their shirt. 

I know that’s not the photo regulars expect from me though.  Not with a shirt like this. 

So, okay fine, here you go! 

Ahh, much better.  #adultingishard

#DoubleFML pAnyway, like I was saying, there was a time when a discussion about peaches wouldn’t elicit giggles from half of you.  But now, thanks to your dirty minds and perverted emojis, the innocent peach has forever been corrupted. 

And don’t even get me started on eggplant!

Suddenly these innocent fruits and vegetables have become unintentionally offensive

Ha, unintentionally offensive.  As a sarcastic New Jersey transplant living in The Deep South, I can definitely relate!

Anyway, let’s finally see what the hype is about and try this thing!

Drumroll please…

The Verdict:  And it tastes like….a peach. 

Well that was anticlimactic.  I mean, it was good, but nothing worth bragging about.    

3Perhaps Georgia is just proud of the sheer volume of peaches grown here?  Wait, my quick Google Search showed that Georgia actually ranks third in peach production behind California and South Carolina!  Whoops. 

Maybe it’s time to update a few of these state nicknames, eh?  Although the “third best peach state” doesn’t quite have the same ring to it.  Hmm… 

Either way, mission accomplished!  Obviously not as exciting as a grilled cheese chili burger but hey, at least it’s healthy.

How healthy?  Here’s how healthy! Courtesy of OAW Health and the folks over at Online Homecooking!

peach 1peach

Do you have a fitness question, goal or accomplishment you’d like to share?  Tell us in the comments below!

Before I could return home, my errands also took me to this tiny local “mall” near my apartment. 

I use the word “mall” loosely because Gwinnett Place Mall has more closed stores than open!  Nobody really goes there anymore but it’s convenient for minor items, especially since there’s never a crowd.  I should look into working there, the store owners probably get great naps in during their shifts!

Oh, but fun fact about that mall!  If you’re a fan of the Netflix series “Stranger Things,” they’ve been taping scenes for the upcoming season there for the past few months!  Check it out, they even changed the signage to the fictitious “Starcourt Mall” for the show:

Oh wow, this is sad.  Apparently, the Sears at this mall is going out of business too?  Macy’s is going to be the last store standing soon. 

#DoubleFML sears

If I were a responsible adult, I’d start Christmas shopping early since the entire store is on sale!


Instead, I’ll look for dumb graphic tees for myself since you can never have too many of those! (*I have too many of those)

Here’s one that I found for only a dollar!

#FatDarrell 24

Ha, this is great!  I’ll have to dig through the rest of the store when I have more time…if there’s anything left. 

Sears wasn’t my actual destination and don’t worry, I’m not going to recap my entire mall trip.  However, I do have 2 quick questions.

First, why is this furniture store selling a giant camel? 

#DoubleFML b

Is that a thing now?  I’m not an interior designer so perhaps I’m out of touch with current trends. 

I wish the store was open so I could see how much it costs!  I’m just curious at this point although if it’s ever reduced to $50 or less, I might consider placing it on my porch!  I’ll place a Santa hat and lights on it in December, it’ll be great!

Anyway, my second question is about these jorts (aka jean shorts)

#DoubleFML jorts

Aside from John Cena, who is causing such a huge demand for these?  I can honestly say I’d buy the camel before I’d buy a pair of these.

Actually, the more I talk about that camel, the more I want it.  Let’s change topics.

So, check this out.  NJ.com posted an article a few days ago listing baby name options for people who love New Jersey!

Several suggestions included towns like Asbury and Avalon.  They also listed Taylor since Taylor ham is a popular menu item in The Garden State (hmm, I wonder if NJ still has the most gardens…).

Well, check out what they had to say about my alma mater, the Rutgers University Scarlet Knights.

FatDarrell NJ

What?!  I strongly disagree NJ.com, Fat Darrell is a wonderful name! 😉 

“What?!  I strongly disagree NJ.com, Fat Darrell is a wonderful name!” – Fat Darrell

That’s actually hilarious.  Thanks for the shoutout NJ.com!  If you’d like to check out the entire article, you can do so by clicking here.

Let’s wrap things up with a round of “What Do You Meme?” where I share some of the great content that’s been sent to me online recently:

These first few explain how I fluctuate between stores on the boujee grocery store list!

Although I graduated already, this still applies at times!  For the record, beef is for fancier occasions… #classy  True story, someone stole over $10,000 worth of ramen here in Georgia last week!  Google it!  I’m not making that up…


The accuracy!  Ha, gotta love Cardi B…

k #DoubleFML

This is actually a great idea!  Again, chicken or beef?

#DoubleFML j

Might as well keep things in the office… #adultingishard

Speaking of adulting…

If you’re looking for a reason to hang in there, this is actual true! Tuesday, 2/2/22!

#DoubleFML z

These next few are for the parents out there…

Here are a few foodie ones.  Make sure to also join our Facebook foodie group, Phenomnomnomenal, by clicking here!

Oh my….um, no.  No!  I’d rather have that ramen!  Someone please donate some spices to “_tiinybaby” asap!

#DoubleFML e

While we’re on the subject of dating and relationships

B!  And sometimes I had to get it for her!

#DoubleFML r

Hmm, the height doesn’t bother me, but if it lands in water I can’t swim so no.  I’d also be concerned my shorts would fall off at some point…hmm, okay, NOW I see how jorts could come in handy.  They’re sturdy and have belt loops! Well played Cena, well played…

#DoubleFML l

Speaking of water…

You know how in the song “Motownphilly” the dude with the deep voice says “and all the philly steaks you can eat”?  Yeah…um that…and I’d also buy that camel! 

j #DoubleFML

And let’s close this out with a few mental and physical fitness memes…

Okay, enough of that – I’m all memed out.  Cue the music!

Today’s Soundtrack

giphyRespect – Aretha Franklin (R.I.P #legend)

Georgia Peaches – Lynyrd Skynyrd

My Time is Now – John Cena

All cried out – Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam

Majesty – Nicki Minaj ft. Eminem

Do you have another song that fits today’s themes or that’s just so great we should check it out anyway?  Tell us about it in the comments below!

Before we sign off, here’s a list of “foodie holidays” that occur between this and next post!


I know you may not believe this, but I don’t usually look at these “holidays” ahead of time so the peach thing was just a fortunate coincidence! 

Wow, that’s the second time this has happened recently.  It’s like I’m at one with the foodie calendar!  Namaste…or Nom-aste in this case.

cSweet Tea Day is also the day before?  Clearly, we’re in the “Georgia section” of the calendar!  Too funny. 

I still think there needs to be a ®Fat Darrell Day!  I need to speak to whoever names these asap!  I may need to reach out to NJ.com for an assist – let’s make this happen people!

Anyway, speaking of making things happen, let’s get out there and crush some goals this week!  But please leave a comment below before you go!  Also make sure to follow me on social media by clicking the logos on the side panel.

Thanks again for stopping by!  Until next time my friends, May the Fork be With You…


“Sometimes what you’re looking for is already there.” – Aretha Franklin

12 thoughts on “Varsity Blues: Peachy…just peachy.

  1. Enjoyed your post. The Varsity seemed like the place to be on Saturday. Sorry you missed out on your “greed fest” LOL Seriously, with those prices, I should have been there!!! You finally had your Georgia peach taste huh? I did not know that they rank third – always thought they were number one. That’s ok, since my nickname at one time was peach, I enjoy a good peach any where and every where I go!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Love all of those memes!!! I wish I was near your Sears store because I’m really feelin’ your cuttin’ carbs t-shirt. Advice to you – don’t buy the camel!! lol

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Great take on the peach test!! Somehow I don’t think you are excited about them. I love those things! Sometimes you remind me of me–how? greedy. LOL Your Rutgers garb is really nice and I see that “Fat Darrell’ cap on your head. I am going to wear mine tomorrow. Here is one vote for Fat Darrell Day!!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sure, I enjoyed the peach I just don’t see what the huge fuss is about them. They taste like every other peach I’ve ever had – just bigger. Thanks for the vote, yes, I need to find out how to make Fat Darrell Day happen!


  4. Pawsitive Vibes!!!.hahaha You are really nutty! But you readily confess that “adultingishard.” I truly enjoyed this post and I am getting ready to share it with some of my buddies. Keep blogging……

    Liked by 1 person

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