Meme-Dependence Day!

Fat Darrell aHola mi gente! 

What better way to celebrate the 4th of July than discussing burritos, tortilla chips and chicharones?! 

Huh?  Scroll on, you’ll see.  #waitforit

Anyway, welcome back to #DoubleFML FatDarrellPalooza and Happy Independence Day!

If you’ve been shooting your own fireworks, hopefully you still have all your fingers and toes!  (Here’s looking at you Jason Pierre-Paul…)

It’s been several years since I last shot my own fireworks, but I’ll have to do it again sometime!  That was always a blast ( <-please note that the awful “blast” pun was unintentional but with that said, I’m not mad at it…).

#DoubleFML july 4Oh yeah and Happy Belated Canada Day to those of you north of the border!  Please high five a moose and chug a gallon of maple syrup on my behalf, eh?  Wait, that is how you celebrate, right?  Perhaps I’ve been doing it wrong. 

Hmm…either way, cheers to you!

I’m obviously kidding about the maple syrup but that’s no more ridiculous than our annual hot dog eating contest here in the US! 

People always ask if I’d ever try that since they know I love to eat and have a world-famous food challenge named after me.  I’d officiate sure, but compete?  No thanks. 

Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest Features Re-Match Of ChampionsHave you noticed how most of the competitors dip the hot dog buns into their cup of water since it’s easier to swallow when it’s soggy?  Ugh, I just got skeeved out from even typing that sentence! 

Washing 50 hot dogs and soggy buns down with chunky bread crumb water surrounded by hordes of gagging, burping strangers in 90-degree weather just doesn’t sound appealing to me!  Although anyone near Red Bank, NJ who’s witnessed me shamelessly scarfing down chilidogs outside of Gus’ Hot Dog truck should like my chances if I ever decided to compete!

I’ll have to make sure I wear this tank top if I ever do!

Hot Dog Indepedence Day 4th of July
I relish this tank top…

Hot Diggety-Dog, I think we have a wiener!  (Get your own at Belovedshirts.com and use discount code DOUBLEFML to save 10%)

jerzI’d tell you more about Gus’ Hot Dog Truck but aside from that topic making me hungry, it would also be best to just show you next time I visit New Jersey.  Man, I really miss that place! 

I also miss Jersey pizza, bagels, White Castle, proper Chinese food, Wawa, pork roll egg and cheese and oh yeah, like 2 or 3 people.  Just kidding!  Sorta…

Anyway, aside from Canada Day, July 1st was also a big deal here in Georgia because a new law went into effect where you can now be ticketed if you’re caught holding your phone while driving. 

I honestly thought this was a law already but apparently, I was wrong since everyone is freaking out now!

I’ve admittedly been honked at for holding up traffic at red lights as I scrolled through cat videos on Facebook (hey, priorities, right?), so I understand the need for the law. 

photo credit:  Murphy’s Law Firm

Actually, just 2 years ago, some moron slammed into my car when she looked down to search for her phone that she’d dropped with her foot still on the gas pedal!    

Georgia drivers are bad enough without further distractions so trust me, I get it! 

Truth be told, I’ve been way more distracted trying to put hot sauce on a burrito at 80 miles per hour than I’ve ever been by my phone, so this new law should be just fine! 

“Truth be told, I’ve been way more distracted trying to put hot sauce on a burrito at 80 miles per hour than I’ve ever been by my phone, so this new law should be just fine!”  – Fat Darrell

Hopefully I’m not giving law makers additional ticketing ideas, but texting is tame compared to some of the crazy acts I’ve seen while driving. 

Seriously, I’ve witnessed people eating hot soup, applying make-up, shaving and even changing clothes! 

lwtsrlovrild0ddiglf8I also had a Mario Kart moment the other day. The garbage truck in front of me was filled with loose items that kept getting taken by the wind so I had to constantly swerve around plastic bottles and debris as it flew toward my car! 

There’s never a dull moment on I-85 I tell ya.

Anyway, we’ll see how this all plays out but for now, if you plan on driving through The Peach State anytime soon, you’ve been warned!

Oh wow, that just reminded me that I’ve yet to have a peach in The Peach State.  I should probably check that off “the Georgia bucket list” while they’re still in season. 

tabsHmm, I suppose I never truly gardened when I lived in The Garden State (New Jersey) either. 

I was born in North Carolina, but I’ve ever flown there (The First in Flight State) so wow, I’ll have to think through all the states I’ve visited so far.  Have any of you done or visited your state “thing” yet? 

Sorry if that was a bit too abstract for you.  My mental playlist is usually set to “random.” 

“My mental playlist is usually set to ‘random.’” – Fat Darrell

2 starsSpeaking of random, does anyone else randomly check the star rating the cable company has assigned to your favorite movies and get mad when it doesn’t reflect its greatness?

Only 2 stars for John Wick Charter Spectrum?  Seriously???  How DARE you?! 

To protest this blasphemous rating, I may not pay my bill on time this month now!  Okay, I probably wasn’t going to anyway, but I’d planned to at least feel bad about it for a few minutes.  Not anymore though!  No mas!

Oh yeah, for those of you who aren’t sure what “no mas” means, it’s “no more” en Espanol.  It’s one of the few things I still remember how to say in Spanish.

nodBetween 3.5 years of high school classes, cable TV, travelling and learning enough from my exes to know if their parents were talking smack about me at the dinner table, I had a decent vocabulary for a while there.

Okay, well, “decent” might be a stretch.  I knew enough to curse someone out or engage them in the most boring conversation imaginable. 

Although   I never feel comfortable using it in front of native speakers.  I normally choke and default to speaking English but slowly and with animated hand gestures! 

giphyIn rare cases when I do attempt to use my Spanish, you can always tell when I get to a word that I actually know because my confidence level and volume skyrocket! 

I’ll literally mumble the entire sentence but the second I reach the word “burrito” I suddenly get bass in my voice and start rolling my “R’s” like the second coming of Marc Anthony or something.

I still prefer my approach to the typical American tactic of just saying everything louder though! 

It’s the language barrier, not their hearing dummies!  It’s like people think if they scream loud enough, they’ll break some imaginary translation threshold and will automatically be understood! 

We must look absolutely insane loudly enunciating “I need more toilet paper” as we attempt to make random strangers understand us in other countries!

I posted this topically related Facebook status on my wall during the World Cup the other day.

Fat Darrell World Cup

For those who didn’t know, Mexico’s star player is this guy nicknamed “Chicharito” which is incredibly fun to say! Try it!  Chicharrrrrrito.  Good times.

chicharitoIt also makes me hungry whenever I hear his nickname since it sounds like a happy hour appetizer at Chevy’s or something! 

His nickname means “the little pea” because of his green eyes so I suppose that’s somewhat food related.

My friend Krystal says that it’s also a Mexican dish and she has a family recipe her grandmother passed down. 

world cupI’ll have to have her share that recipe someday because the closest thing I could find during my online search were “chicharitas” which are fried plantain chips from Cuba and The Caribbean.  Although, I’d eat those too if given the chance!  #teamgreedy

Oh yeah, as for World Cup teams, I’ve mostly been rooting for Brazil since I’ve always wanted to go to Carnival and take a tour of South America. 

I also own several Brazil tank tops, shirts and hoodies since they worked as great ice breakers whenever I drove through the Brazilian section of Long Branch, NJ and tried to talk to women.  Olá senhoras!

I’ve had Brazil gear for well over a decade now so if they win the tournament, my support isn’t necessarily a frontrunner bandwagon jump. 

I’m actually quite loyal to my sports teams.  I’ve been a 49ers fan ever since I first started watching football, I’ve been a Yankees fan ever since I first started watching baseball and I’ve been a Rutgers fan ever since my older brother went to college there. 

#DoubleFML lebronThe only team I ever “cheated on” was when I abandoned my Lakers for The Chicago Bulls during the Michael Jordan era.  I felt bad downshifting LA to my second favorite, but the MJ years were a magical time! 

Order was restored once Jordan retired so I’ve been dedicated to The Lakers ever since but yeah, I’ll admit that I jumped on the Bulls bandwagon during the 90s along with most of the nation!

I’m not trying to turn this into a total sports column today, but I will say that Lakers bandwagon is about to get extra full with LeBron James now joining the squad! 

For those of you who flip-flop teams every year or so, this is for you!

#DoubleFML Lebron 2

Hilarious…and accurate!  A few friends posted that after his announcement the other day!

BREAKING NEWS! Kristina just got back to me with a recipe for Chicharones!  No wonder I couldn’t find it during my search for “chicharitos” but hey, close enough.  These look delicious either way!  Check it out…

Chicharones en salsa roja (red sauce)

By:  Krystal Gradillas


Chicharones #DoubleFML1 lg onion diced

1 tomato without skin

3 Serrano chillies (or substitute with green chillies for a salsa verde version)

Chopped garlic to taste

Salt & pepper to taste

Bag of pork rinds aka chicarones


Chop the vegetables and fry the tomatoes, onions, chilies and garlic, cook for 10 minutes over low heat and add the tomato puree, a cup of water or beef/chicken broth, stir and cook for about minutes at low heat.

After a few minutes add the pork rinds and leave cooking until smooth.

Phonom nostripeNote: As the pork rinds come completely dehydrated they will absorb a lot of the broth, so if you need to add a little more water/broth

Serve over eggs or with a side of beans.

Wow, thanks for sharing Krystal!  And sorry again for rooting for Brazil over Mexico 😉 Chicharrrrrrito.

Do you have another food item, restaurant or recipe we should all try out?  Tell us about it in the comments below!  Also join our Facebook Foodie Group, Phenomnomnomenal, by clicking here!

Now that I think about it, “Gradillas” sounds like a delicious food item too!  Do you also have a recipe for those Krystal?  “Gradillas tortillas” perhaps?

 Wait a minute, I actually have something!  This isn’t a homemade recipe but still, check it out!

MFMI’ve always enjoyed Quest’s healthy potato chips so protein packed tortilla chips sounds equally awesome!  They’re like fitness Doritos!  Fauxritos!

The nacho cheese flavor is packed with 18 grams of protein and the ranch flavor has 19!  Each are only 140 grams with 5 carbs!  Whoa. 

Nutritious yes, but are they also delicious?  There’s only one way to find out – it’s crunch time!  (<-okay, THAT awful pun was on purpose…)

Rumor has it, the Ranch flavor is better so let’s save that one for last and rip open the nacho cheese bag first!

Fat Darrell 4Nacho Cheese Flavor: Oh wow, these are really good!  If you’ve had Quest protein potato chips, these have the same feel In that they’re light and airy.  While they may not have the solid crunch of a regular Dorito, they have all the flavor as these are loaded with nacho cheese and taste delicious!  If the rumor is true and ranch blows these away, this is a very high bar to clear!  These are awesome.

And now for the main event…

Ranch Flavor: Ha wow!  Okay, the texture is the same but again, they nailed the flavor!  These taste so much like Cool Ranch Doritos that you almost forget they’re healthier!  They nailed the flavors on these along with solid nutrition stats.  I’m impressed!

Fat Darrell 5Final Verdict:  Obviously I love these!  As for which is better?  Neither are bad so that’s a tough call.  If I could only buy one, I’d actually go with the Nacho Cheese, but both are awesome so ideally I’d have both so I could alternate between the flavors depending on my mood. 

Quest has always made solid products, and these are no exception.  They only come in one size at this point and they’ll cost a bit more than regular chips but if you’re looking for a healthier protein-packed snack alternative, you could do much worse than trying these! 

Do you have a fitness question, goal or accomplishment you’d like to share?  Tell us about it in the comments below!

Oh, and yes that is an original Thundercats t-shirt! 

Did you know they’re actually planning to bring them back on Cartoon Network?  I was really excited until I saw the preview.

Then (left) versus now (right)

cats 2

Then (top) versus now (bottom)

Instead of being tough muscle-bound warriors, they’ll now apparently be doughy wise-cracking jokesters.  There’s a statement about America in there somewhere but for now I’ll just sum it up by saying “Ugh.” 

I may give it a shot, but I can’t say I’m happy with the change.  

dinosaurs #DoubleFMLSince they brought back Rosanne, Double Dare and now Thundercats, when are they finally going to bring back Dinosaurs?  That show was awesome!  “Not the mama!  Not the mama!!  Not the mama!!!”  Ha, my younger readers are probably so lost right now but yeah, they need to bring that back too.  I don’t even remember how the series ended.  Was their a finale?  Hmm…

Anyway, let’s close out this post with a quick round of “What Do You Meme?” where I share interesting content that’s hit my social media newsfeed recently:

Let’s just start this off with a punch to the gut because how sad is this photo of poor little Geoffrey the Giraffe?  RIP Toys R Us ☹ 

#DoubleFML toystoys

Before we move on from giraffes, can someone please buy these sheets for me?!


We’ll keep things in the bedroom with this batch too…

Since we’re currently in a strange animals holding pattern, I might as well include this one too!

#DoubleFML pug

Okay ladies, you’re doing too much with these nail trends lately…

#DoubleFML f

While we’re on the subject of nails, here are a few more for the ladies… Comment below with your answers!

Speaking of romance, this should explain a lot… #entj

#DoubleFML single

Before you give me a hard time though, half of the married couples trying to trick me into joining their tribe are constantly complaining about how miserable they are and posting stuff like this next one!

DoubleFML 1


Well played…

I’m sure this is how my parents felt each summer!

#DoubleFML t

This next batch is for the old heads… oh, and for the record, it was 732-671-0869 😉

And here are a few mental and physical fitness memes to close this out!

Do you have more great memes to share for the next round?  Follow me on social media by clicking the logos on the main menu to slide into those DM’s and send ’em my way!

Today’s Soundtrack

giphy.gifLiving in America – James Brown

Boriqua Anthem – C&C Music Factory

Crash Into Me – Dave Matthews Band

California Love – 2Pac ft. Dr. Dre

Nice for What – Drake

Do you have another song that fits today’s themes or that’s just so great we should check it out anyway?  Tell us in the comments below!

Okay ladies and gents, before we wrap this one up, here’s the list of “foodie holidays” that happen between now and next post!


Wow, there are some heavy hitters on this one!  National macaroni day?  National fried chicken day?  BBQ?  Chocolate and almonds?  Geez, I’d better get my “eating pants” ready!

Fat Darrell 15I’m also proud to announce that I’ll also be providing original blog content for Belovedshirts.com which is the company I get many of the crazy shirts from including the hot dog tank top featured earlier in this post.

You can check out my first article on their website, titled Mr. Breakfast, by clicking this link!

Anyway, that about does it for this week folks!  Depending on when you read this, I hope you have or had a great 4th

It’s always awkward when major holidays land on a Wednesday.  Several people I know were fortunate enough to take the full week off but for the rest of us, Thursday and Friday are going to feel like an eternity!  It’s okay though, we’ll get through this together…

Anyway, please take a moment to leave me a comment before you go!  Also feel free to hit that “like” button at the bottom of the page too!

With that said, let’s make a great week everybody! 

Until next time my friends, May the Fork be With You…


“Whoever determined that a serving size of Oreos should be 3 cookies is a liar and I don’t appreciate the unattainable standard set by such a foul person.”

13 thoughts on “Meme-Dependence Day!

  1. Happy Meme-Dependence Day!!! Love those memes. They are hilarious!! Giraffe linen? oh my…..Thanks for the review on the Quest protein potato chips. As a chips lover, I have been tempted to try them, but thought they might be disgusting! Here’s looking at a pack of the ranch flavor soon and very soon!!!!.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Let me know what you think of them Faith! These are the tortilla chips but they also make potato which are good too! Check them out – for a healthy alternative, they’re great!


  2. Congrats on joining the Beloved Shirts team! I just checked out your first article on one of my favorite foods and obviously one of yours – pancakes!!!! They have some really great products as demonstrated in your blog. Way to go!!. As Lakers fans, I hope that we are in for some great results next season! I am looking forward to the macaroni foodie day. This will give me a good reason to “pig out’ LOL

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Enjoyed your post! Some of those memes really “cracked me up!!!”That hot dog tank top is the bomb! I have to check out your Beloved Shirts post. You should definitely try the Georgia peaches and give your review on them. For the past several years, every peach that I tasted was tart, hard and not the delicious way I remembered them “back in the day.” Happy 4th of July!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Another FIRE post!
    Here’s my 2 cent regarding the return of “Thunder Cats”!!! WTF!!! What happened?!?!?! It’s more like Bastard Child of original! Call it Thunder Pussies or something! That’s not THUNDER CATS!!!!!!
    80s and 90s cartoon heros looked like they were juiced upto their gills! That’s what it was all about! Big muscle, Big hair, and BIG explosion!!! It’s not in my place to tell these generation what cartoon should be but dont bastardize my childhood for yours!!! (lol I sound like cranky old fart)
    Again, great post brother!!! LOL


    1. Thanks for your comment and yeah, I don’t know what’s up with the new Thundercats either! I was so depressed looking at that pic lol I don’t think I’ll be able to watch that nonsense. They ruined a classic! Kids today have no idea what they’re missing out on lol


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