Who’s the Boss?


Who’s the Boss?  Hmm…Tony Danza?  Rick Ross?  Bruce Springsteen?  Sasha Banks? 

Whoever you choose, it surely isn’t me!  I could probably list a thousand people before I’d ever consider picking myself. 

goku-ramenI don’t think a true boss’s hands would smell like ramen noodle seasoning packets as mine currently do! 

If I ever become an actual boss though, I’ll use bottled water instead of tap to make my cup of noodles.  That way, I can show everyone how boujee and refined I’ve become. #KeepItClassy

Anyway, what’s up everybody?  Welcome back to #DoubleFML FatDarrellPalooza!

Hopefully all the dads out there had a wonderful Father’s Day weekend…especially mine!

How accurate is this meme though?! 

#DoubleFML Dad

So, moms deserve cars and diamonds while dads deserve gaudy ties and $10 cargo shorts huh?  Geez…

Although if that’s the trade for not having watermelon-sized humans grow inside our bellies for 9 months before forcefully squeezing them through our nether regions, I suppose that’s only fair!

DoubleFML kidsAt least, it sounds fair to me as an outsider looking in.  I’m not a father so hey, what do I know?  I don’t get to vote on this matter…unless my houseplants count?  One of them is a ficus…he has my eyes.

As my friend Jimmy Z posted Sunday night, “another Father’s Day down without a surprise knock on the front door…whew.” 

Cheers to that brotha!  Here’s to many more…

Just kidding!  I haven’t ruled it out yet, so you never know.  (<- *the previous statement was brought to you by the “Don’t give Darrell’s parents a heart attack foundation” established in 1995.) 

Although my parents already have 3 lovely grandchildren from my brother!  In fact, one of them will be providing the halftime entertainment for today’s post…

Halftime?  Wait, what?!

Fat DarrellAnyway, before I forget, shout out to the lovely and talented, “unicorn-magically-delicious” Priscilla Ippolito for the assist on the main cover photo!

That’s actually an altered screenshot from the short film she helped me with several years ago.  I’d post the video here, but I’m not satisfied with the final edit so I’m planning to reshoot it at some point.

Believe it or not, that cigar is fake!  The location we filmed that scene in had a strict policy against smoking, so we had to use a prop instead. 

These tattoos were fake too!


That was an interesting social experiment walking around with those though!  They looked just as real in person, so the responses were eye-opening to say the least.  The reactions ranged from love and lust to disgust and terror! 

Oh, and I’m not just talking about strangers.  No, even people I’d known for years acted differently toward me with an armful of tats. 

I was obviously still the same person under all the temporary ink but like they say, perception is reality I suppose. 

See?  That’s why I always remind you not to believe everything you see online! 


Unfortunately, many people compare their lives to others they see on social media. 

That’s a dangerous game though because most accounts only show the highlights through glossy photos and uplifting status updates.  You don’t see the 49 awful selfies that were taken before they found the perfect angle and slapped on 15 filters!

That’s why I peel back the curtain every now and then to keep things real for you. 

I mean, sure some Saturday nights are epic like the one described last post where I ended up on stage at a concert, but there are also plenty of Saturday nights where I’m alone eating pizza while binge-watching Ancient Aliens in mismatched pajamas. 

Don’t be fooled, everyone’s life isn’t as glamorous as it may seem!  Run your own race – there’s more then one path to the finish line. 

“Run your own race – there’s more then one path to the finish line.” – Fat Darrell

Speaking of last post, thanks for the overwhelming response to my review of the I Love the 90s Tour

Even Salt-N-Pepa liked it! (WOW! #mindblown)

#DoubleFML Salt-N-Pepa

Apparently, I’m not the only one who’s still in love with that decade! 

DoubleFML 90sGranted, I haven’t lived through that many but based on what I’ve read and obvious personal bias, the 90s were the greatest!

Hopefully a future decade comes along to change my opinion, but the post 9/11 anxiety, depression and division seems to have only gotten worse with each passing year.  

I could go on for hours about how much better the 90s were but my friend Jin summed it up perfectly in the comments section last post with the following quote:

“I know every era has right to call it the ‘best’ (now days Lit) but if you have not live-lived the 90s, I feel sorry for those who missed it. Everything from sitcoms to cartoons, Three Mikes (Jordan, Tyson, Jackson), Hip-hop to alternative rock, toys and collectables…… I can go on and on!  If you claim your era is the “golden era” and if you’re not talking about the 90’s, I’ll just call 90’s the GOD ERA!!!!” – Jin Yoo

Amen to that!  It was just a simpler time back then.  Even the…. wait, hold up… what?!  Seriously?  OMG!  Okay, the 90s were great…yada, yada, yada – new topic! 

BREAKING NEWS:  So, I have the TV on in the background as I’m typing this and when I paused for a second to look up at the screen, there staring back at me was a burger piled high with smoked brisket, tender rib meat, jalapeno-cheddar smoked sausage, bacon and cheddar with lettuce, tomato, BBQ sauce and ranch dressing!

The Boss BurgerThis is not a drill people, this is what we’ve been training for!

If you remember a few posts ago, I had the “Rib Burger Blues” because I missed out on the Hardees / Carl’s Jr burger that was piled high with rib meat?  Well, this one is piled with that and more!

I can’t believe this is real!  This feels like the equivalent to spotting Big Foot as he pets The Loch Ness Monster while Haley’s Comet soars past in the background before it crashes into a UFO

This is once in a lifetime stuff folks!  Literally…because with all those ingredients, I might actually die from this taste test. 

But hey, if I go out, at least I’m going out with a smile!  This is happening…

It’s called the Boss Burger and it’s now available at Chilis so to the car I go! 

Wait…pants.  I should probably put on some pants first. …or so I’ve been told by the neighborhood watch committee. 

Fat Darrell ChilisOkay, NOW we’re ready.  There’s no more time to waste!  Let’s go to Chilis!

The Boss Burger is one of several new signature burgers that Chilis recently debuted. 

iHop has also temporarily rebranded itself as iHob to shift the focus from their signature pancakes to their new line of burgers. 

Several other chains have rolled out new gluttonous combinations recently too so apparently, we’re in the midst of the great burger war folks! 

And we, the greedy consumer, are the true winners of this epic battle for burger supremacy. 

I look forward to trying many of these new options, but today is all about The Boss Burger!

You know, I debated wearing a suit to play into the Boss name but there’s no way that would have ended well!  I’d probably have BBQ sauce on my tie within the first 5 minutes! 

giphyWith that said, I wouldn’t recommend ordering this one on a date unless you just like living dangerously.  I’d honestly take my chances with an order of spaghetti before attempting to get this down without dropping anything on my lap!

Look at the size of this burger!  It looks like it’s straight from a cartoon!  Like something The Flintstones would eat!  It’s hilarious! 

This one is not for the faint of heart…and I mean that both figuratively and literally! 

Don’t worry vegetarians, I have something for you coming up later but for now my fellow carnivores, let’s give this a try, shall we?


The Verdict Wow!  With so many ingredients, you literally get a different flavor combination each bite.  For example, I almost forgot that smoked sausage was one of the ingredients until bite number 4 so this burger is like the gift that keeps on giving! 

giphy.gifWith that said, it’s honestly a bit much for every day consumption.  Not just from a health perspective but because of the ridiculous amount of ingredients. 

Don’t get me wrong, I loved it!  But with so much going on, the actual burger patty becomes an extra instead of the featured star. 

That’s not necessarily a bad thing since each element was cooked to perfection.  I’m just saying that if you’re a traditional burger aficionado, you might want to take the “less-is-more” approach and select an option with fewer ingredients.

However, for my fellow daredevils, I absolutely recommend giving this a try!  Although you might want to request a few extra napkins…

Do you have another food item, restaurant or recipe we should all try?  Tell us about it in the comments below!  Also join our Facebook Foodie Group, Phenomnomnomenal by clicking here!

Okay folks, that brings us to our featured halftime entertainment!  (Yes, I was serious earlier…)

Regular readers may already know that my favorite music artist of all time is Michael Jackson. 

origAfter forcing my older nephew DJ into watching MJ documentaries with me back in the day, I was able to pass along my musical preference to him as well. 

The brainwashing tactics culminated with my purchase of “The Michael Jackson Experience” video game for him in 2010 that he later passed along to his little brother Domonick. 

Now, I can’t officially take credit for the video you’re about to watch because I haven’t fully initiated Little Dom’s brainwashing protocal…but apparently DJ has!

In the underrated movie, The Butterfly Effect, they present the theory that if a butterfly flaps its wings in New Mexico, over time it has the ability to cause a hurricane in China.  It may take a while, but the takeaway is that every moment in time is connected. 

Well, here’s a perfect example of that theory in motion as my adorable little nephew Domonick gets his groove on to my personal favorite MJ song, Smooth Criminal!  Enjoy (while I finish this burger…)!


That kid has some serious moves huh?!  Ha, he cracks me up.  Nice job Dom! 

Okay, after watching that, maybe I do want a kid now…maybe.  I could use a new pair of cargo pants.  I’m missing out…

#DoubleFML AtlantaversarySo aside from Father’s Day, this past weekend also marked my 6-year Atlantaversary!

That’s right, June 15, 2012 was the day I officially became a Georgia resident. 

Wow, that still feels weird to say, “Georgia resident.” 

If you scroll up, you’ll notice my “Jersey is Home” snapback.   That’s because it is though.  I was born in North Carolina and spent a year in Phoenix, but aside from that, New Jersey is where most of my life memories have taken place. 

#DoubleFML GA6 years is a long time though, so Georgia has already made a lasting impression. 

However, I am getting a little antsy, so whether there’s a 7-year Atlantaversary remains to be seen.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s plenty to see and do in Atlanta! 

This area makes a ton of sense for me both personally and professionally so instead of packing up and leaving, perhaps I should start taking more weekend getaways including quarterly trips to New Jersey!  That might be the perfect compromise.

#DoubleFML GA1Although that could get pretty expensive.  Hmm, which one of you has travel hook-ups or knows an airline and hotel that want to sponsor this blog?!  (but seriously tho…)

Anyway, I’ll run down the pros, cons and potential destinations in a future post but for now, Happy Atlantaversary to me!  It’s time to eat a thousand peaches and get sweet-tea wasted.  #turnup

So, if any vegetarians are still with me after the boss burger review, as promised, I have a little something for you!  …well, sort of.

Like I said, there’s plenty to see and do in Atlanta including this past weekend when the annual ATL Grilled Cheese Festival was held in nearby Brookhaven Park!


Before we continue, I must ad that despite the cute photo op, wearing that black tee in 95 degree weather may have been one of the dumbest decisions I’ve made recently! 

Although it did help sweat out some of that BBQ sauce from earlier so hey, silver linings, right?

Anyway, this festival was packed with local restaurants and amateur cooks each vying for the title of “The Best Grilled Cheese Sandwich in Atlanta”!


The cost of admission included 3 tickets to try selections from the chef of your choice. 

Additional portions and options could also be purchased for an average cost of $3 per item.


There were vegan options, meat loaded options and more!  It was literally a grilled cheese lovers dream come true!



Aside from a panel of judges, attendees were each given a token to vote for their favorites.

Here are a few of the happy winners!


Aside from the food, they also had live music from several local bands:


Plus sponsored vendor booths like Mike’s Hard Lemonade and Essentia Water:


And this appropriately named Popsicle stand:


They also had a tent for Talladega Speedway which was cool, even if they wouldn’t let me drive the car.  Bummer.


South Inc Apparel also had a merch booth that I turned into an impromptu civil war reenactment:

Fat Darrell Civil War

Plus fun games including giant versions of Jenga, Connect 4 and cornhole!  (remind me not to have kids until I can type “cornhole” without giggling like a third grader.  Adulting is hard.):


And this isn’t the most exciting photo, but I must say these were the cleanest porta-potties I’ve ever stepped inside of!  (*although I attended early on day 1 so by the end of day 2 who knows how these held up!)

#DoubleFML potty

Anyway, all in all, it was a fun time in the big city. 

Hmm, speaking of potties, I should probably buy an extra can of Febreze for my bathroom.  After all the meat and cheese I’ve consumed over the past few days, I have a feeling I’m going to need that soon!

MFMAs for this week’s fitness tips, let me first remind you that I only eat these crazy items in moderation.  Most of the week, I try to make balanced, nutritious choices.  I also maintain an active lifestyle and workout on a regular basis. 

To borrow from the analogy I used earlier, that’s “the less flashy behind the curtain stuff. ”

You can’t live a sedentary lifestyle eating Boss Burgers and grilled cheese sandwiches every day and expect to look like an Adonis! 

My goal is to entertain but never mislead you.  There’s room for fun splurges every now and then but you also have to put in the work to earn those cheat meals.

giphyMy second tip has been used before but it’s appropriate to restate that you should check the weather forecast to dress appropriately as things heat up this summer. 

Sure, the heavy jeans and “cheese is good” shirt was a cute idea for photos, but it wouldn’t have been so cute had I passed out and embarrassed myself! 

I was smart enough to stay hydrated and was only walking around a park, but it was still brutal outside!  So, before your next outdoor workout, make sure to dress accordingly or at least keep several options in your car so you’re never caught off-guard.

Do you have a fitness question, goal or accomplishment you’d like to share?  Tell us about it in the comments below!


Today’s Soundtrack

vMGwzjIma Boss – Meek Mill ft. Rick Ross

Sky’s the Limit (Sasha Banks Theme) – CFO$

My Hometown – Bruce Springsteen

Smooth Criminal – Michael Jackson (Get it Dom!)

Welcome to Atlanta – Jermaine Dupree ft. Ludacris

Do you have a song that fits today’s themes or that doesn’t but it just so incredible we should check it out anyway?  Tell us about it in the comments below!

#doublefml whos the bossThe title of this post made me realize that I barely remember the plot of the actual TV series “Who’s the Boss.” 

Hmm, I think Tony Danza was a live-in nanny or something and his hot daughter Samantha (played by Alyssa Milano) lived in the house with him. 

I also remember the old wise-cracking grandmother Mona but not many other plot points.  I’ll have to catch a rerun or something.

I actually met Alyssa Milano last year while playing a personal trainer on her Netflix series “Insatiable.” 

I was tempted to make a Who’s the Boss reference but didn’t want to get kicked off the set!  Next time…

Anyway, that about does it for this week but before we go, here’s your list of foodie celebrations that fall between now and next post!


Wow, national catfish day huh?  I’ve encountered several of those over the years!  Mostly on Blackplanet.com…

Speaking of which, June 19th (aka Juneteenth) commemorates the date in 1865 that the announcement of the abolition of slavery finally reached the state of Texas officially freeing all slaves in the United States!


Although President Abraham Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation on September 22, 1862 (with an effective date of January 1, 1863). the announcement didn’t actually reach Texas for another 2.5 years!  

So hey, cheers to that!  I was just complaining about walking around a park wearing a dark t-shirt so there’s no way I would have put up with picking cotton on some hot sweaty plantation! 

Next Monday (June 25th) is also the day that Michael Jackson died so that was a timely tribute from my little nephew.  That fact that I’ll never get to see him or Prince perform live is tragic.  Yet another reminder that life is short, so make the most of it while you have time!

commentNow comes the part where I kindly request that you please leave a comment below before you go!  Also make sure to follow me on social media by pressing the Instagram, Facebook and Twitter logos on the side panel.  Like I always say, SEO matters so thank you kindly 😉

Okay folks, that’s a wrap for today’s post, but I genuinely hope you all have the best week ever! 

Until next time my friends, May the Fork be With You,

– Darrell

“You wanna make a liar mad?  Keep asking them questions…”



12 thoughts on “Who’s the Boss?

  1. Like the temp tatts. U should consider one.. Also the suit👍👍
    Its so cool how Salt n Peppa like ur page awesome.

    Cant believe 6 yrs already in GA.. Jersey misses u much 😉come back home oh n BTW burger looks good n juicy but dont think i would b able to eat it..😂enjoyed yr blog

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Christina! I’ve considered a tat but don’t know what I’d want on my body forever…maybe a pizza? lol

      Yeah, I’ve been in GA for awhile now. I definitely miss NJ though so I’ll have to head back for at least a visit!

      I’m glad you enjoyed the blog. Thanks for commenting and yes, that burger is incredible! Whoa…lol


  2. That meme comparing Mother’s Day commercials to Father’s Day commercials is very powerful! All I can say is wow! Even though there are good and bad ones n each category, this tells us that fathers have some work to do to change this picture!!!! I see you had another “ballling weekend.” You have a knack for showing up in the dardest places!!! lol Thanks again for sharing your enjoyable experience. Happy 6 years in GA!!!.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I am really feeing that “big burger right now, even though I don’t think I could eat the whole thing as you did! lol Your little nephew really have some moves. I am going to dub him…little Michael Jackson!!! You really did a great job bran-washing him and his trainer…your nephew DJ. “Good job!” Also enjoyed seeing Michael and his moves.!!!!! Glad you had a great time at the grilled cheese festival. Even though I hate porta-potties, those at the beginning of the festival look really cool!!! lol

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That boss burger is incredible! It’s messy though so don’t wear your Sunday best! Porta Potty’s are normally gross but yeah, relatively speaking these weren’t bad. I’ll let little Dom know you liked his performance! That kid cracks me up…


  4. Love your main cover photo with the cigar, also the suit pictures and others. Since I love cheese, of course I enjoyed the festival pics and all of that great food!!! Even tough you are celebrating 6 years in GA, I know that your love for NJ is still ever- present in your heart. I also love that state and rank it at the top of my favorite states. Think you might go back there some day?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hmm, that’s a good question. NJ is expensive and those winters were rough, but I do miss it there. For now, I’ll be in ATL for another year so we’ll see where life takes me…but a return to NJ is always a possibility!


  5. Your nephew Dom is really a “little ham”. He is really talented! I need one of those festivals in my area, so I can “pig – out” like you!!. lol Love those memes, pics and moving parts in the the blog. Those tattoos look real! Advice: don’t let your family turn into skeletons while they wait for you to get married and have kids; however take all the time that you need to make sure that she is the right one for you!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Dom’s definitely not shy, that’s for sure! Your local town center probably has a Facebook page or a website with events each month, you should check it out! As for the skeletons, we’ll see! Either way, as long as I have pizza, I’ll be fine lol


  6. Hey that burger looked Dee licious. The crab grilled cheese too, did you get to taste that?
    Tell me Darrell, if I was certified as a fitness instructor in 1984, am I still certified?
    I am also Boar’s Head certified! Yum!
    I love your stories. You have a fresh look at life. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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