Hats on Hats on Hats


Oops, I did it again.

What, quoted a Britney Spears song? Well, yes technically, but that’s not what I was talking about.

If you’re a regular reader or follow me on social media (which you should do by clicking the social media logos on the side panel), you may remember this:

Fat Darrell 8

Well, here’s what happened again on Saturday:

Yes, again! Those were my 2 favorite pairs too, so I guess I’ll have to go shopping soon.

At first, I thought I may have eaten too many tacos or something, but my waist is the same size as before, so my leg workouts must have added a bit more junk in the trunk or something.

One of my friends said that I may be doing too many squats but there’s no such thing as too many squats Roxanna Paez! Blasphemy!

“There’s no such thing as too many squats Roxanna Paez!” – Fat Darrell

I did breathe a sigh of relief when I got home from this formal event I attended Saturday night though!

I may need to take my suit pants to a tailor or something because I felt like I was about 1 biscuit away from ripping those too! Thankfully I made it home unscathed. I already had my exit strategy planned out if it happened though! I also made sure to only make one trip through the buffet line (granted, my plate was piled to the ceiling, but I still technically only went through one time…)!

Here are a few photos of me cleverly disguised as a fully functioning adult at the venue. I think a few people actually fell for it! #cosplay

About that event though (that’s what you call a segue kids), it was a launch party for Xperience on Demand (XOD).

“What’s Xperience on Demand” you ask? It’s a new digital streaming platform (coming soon to TV’s, computers and smart devices!) that will allow content providers to distribute original content on Samsung products, Roku, Amazon FireTV, Android TV, AppleTV, iOS apps, Google Play Apps, LG Smart TV, PlayStation, XBOX, Facebook, and YouTube worldwide to name a few!

I’ve been involved with this amazing organization since December when I joined the first wave of investors and purchased a network on XOD! Yes, you read that correctly folks. I’m proud to be a Producer and Broadcast Affiliate for this exciting new platform. #DoubleFML-TV is coming soon to all those digital streaming outlets listed above! Yes, seriously!

26060004_164438640836362_25009221558211228_oI’m still planning the content, shows and format for the network so consider this an informal announcement for now, but I’ll keep you posted as we move forward!
I also have the ability to facilitate shows, networks, music and movie distribution, marketing/advertising opportunities and PPV’s for others as well!

Between my channel and the hundreds of sister stations that will be on the XOD platform, we’ll all need various forms of engaging original content! With that said, fellow content providers, creative types and businesses owners looking for cutting edge marketing opportunities should definitely reach out via the contact page immediately! I’d be happy to share how you can also get involved!

hi momConsidering most millennials don’t watch TV anymore and only stream content, XOD is definitely on the cutting edge of technology. XOD prides themselves on having one of the largest content delivery networks, with an audience expectation exceeding 270 million users and over 128,000 global streaming severs deployed for their publishers!

The 4 CEO’s have over 50 years of professional experience in music, television, and technology including assignments with Universal Records, SONY Music, ABC, CBS, CBN, FOX, NBC, PBS, NASA, TESLA & BET!

This has the potential to be huge! Plus, how cool will it be when you turn on your Apple TV and see this:

Again, I’ll let you know when our channel is close to launching but if you’d like to get involved or for more information in the meantime, hit me up asap!

Sorry for rambling but this is pretty exciting stuff! Almost exciting enough to rip my pants if I hadn’t already!

I wasn’t able to sit with Steve Jobs when he formed Apple or able to meet Mark Zuckerberg before he invented Facebook, but I should be on the right side of history with this company!

if-im-telling-you-a-story-be-prepared-to-have-25699328 (2)

Oh yeah, speaking of rambling, just a few reminders about the format of this blog! It’s long form and more like an online talk show or news magazine. This isn’t one of those “one paragraph” deals so feel free to skip around or read it in parts if you wish!

Also, as I explained in our very first post, expect plenty of asides and stream of consciousness topic switches! I call it topic roulette. Try to keep up!

Speaking of “trying to keep up,” that was the inspiration for the title of this post because as you can see, I wear many hats! I’m an actor/host/hip-hop artist/writer/fitness trainer/foodie/brand ambassador/producer/consultant/broadcast affiliate…you get the idea. I actually have a few more titles but “entrepreneur” works as a decent catch-all. Otherwise, I’d need a tri-fold business card!

ObeseInfamousIntermediateegret-max-1mbOf course, that doesn’t include the boring day jobs that I also currently perform to make ends meet until I truly hit that next level with my goals. It also doesn’t include my trying to maintain family, romantic and social relationships.

At times I feel like one of those circus performers trying to keep all of the plates spinning but the hard work will all pay off in the end! Or at least that’s what I have to believe. Like I said last post, fake it till you make it!

Fortunately, I enjoy all that stuff! Well, except for the boring day jobs but hopefully I’ll be able to ditch those soon.

doublefml magicIt’s hard to shut my brain off when I go to sleep at times though so lately, I’ve been using this app that plays sounds to minic a rain storm.

I can’t take full credit since my girlfriend put me on to this idea, but I’ve always slept better when it’s raining. It reminds me of my grandparents when we used to sit and watch storms together so it’s been a big help!

It just took me a while to find an app that sounded realistic enough to not be distracting. I also must be careful how high I crank the volume because at full blast it sounds like bacon frying which makes me hungry and fully alert instead of sleepy! Mmm…bacon (Bacon it Rain?!).

bacon Fat Darrell

Oh yeah, speaking of hungry, check these out!

Fat Darrell Scooby
I had no idea Scooby snacks were an actual product! (there goes that adult disguise huh?)

scooby snack doublefml

I snagged these from catering on a movie set last week. I was asked to play a reporter which is ironic since I have a Journalism degree. If you’re keeping score, I’ve played a fitness trainer (guilty), a gym rat (guilty again), a guy who loves celebrating Halloween (my birthday) and now a reporter. I know, I’m really playing it close to home with these roles lately, huh? My next role will be a short black guy who loves wearing childish pop culture tees…

Anyway, yeah, these snacks are basically just graham crackers, but they’re pretty good! I Scooby-Dooby-Do recommend trying them for yourself (Ha! See what I did there? Nevermind… #dadjoke).

Oh yeah, and I partially take back my bashing of the protein popcorn and protein almonds that I reviewed last week. I was stuck in a 5-hour meeting and had nothing else to eat so both items came in handy! Would I ever buy them again? No. However, if you happen to have some in your bag already and are faced with the decision to eat them or pass out, I suppose eating them would be slightly better than starving to death. So, there’s that…

And since I’m righting past food test wrongs, I have an update on my mission to determine the fast food chain with the best sliders. If you remember my post from a few weeks ago, I compared White Castle and Southern restaurant chain Krystal. At the time, I determined that White Castle was the winner but then I saw the commercial for this entrant from Hardees/Carl’s Jr.

These also received a ringing endorsement from Colin Morrison who’s a member of our Facebook foodie group, Phenomnomnomenal (click here to join the fun!) so I had to give them a try!

As you can see, they’re more like mini-cheeseburgers than regular sliders. I know that sounds like the same thing but look how big the patty is! There’s definitely more bang for your buck with these! They also make a double and triple version as well!

carls-jr-hardess-new-charbroiled-slidersAs for the taste? They’re really good! All of the flavors pop and the ratio of bun to burger is spot on!  Unlike my workout pants where the buns ratio has been way off apparently…

The Hardees/Carl’s Jr. version definitely feels more authentic and filling than the others.

Perhaps I’m a bit nostalgic for my old stomping grounds back in New Jersey though because it’s still hard to place these above White Castle. It’s most likely due to the chopped onions in the actual patties. That really sets White Castle apart.

White Castle sliders also always felt like they were melting in your mouth as you ate them.

Of course, it’s entirely possible that my personal bias is clouding my judgement because I could easily make a case to declare Hardees/Carl’s Jr. as the winner of this epic battle. However, since it’s that close of a call instead of a true decisive victory, I’m still going with White Castle for the win!

Do you have another food item, restaurant or recipe we should all try? Tell us about it in the comments below!

Since we just talked about food and this post is about hats, let’s take a moment to admire some crazy foodie hats that I spotted on the web, shall we?! (Hmm, do people even say that anymore? On the web? If you’d like to feel old, say that to a teenager and tell me how that goes for you!)

Anyway, first up are these incredible custom knitted foodie designs from graphic artist ChiliPhilly!

I’m almost sad that it’ll be too warm to wear these soon! They’re hilarious!

I’m not sure that even I could pull off a few of these but I’d definitely like to try! Well…most of them. I’m not wearing that eggplant on my head though!

Hmm, my girlfriend also knows how to sew. I may have to sweet talk her into making me that pancake hat! Although, she may not want to be seen with me wearing that….but neither will any other woman so in a way this doubles as a chastity belt as well.

Anyway, if you’d like to check out more from ChiliPhilly, his website is www.ChiliPhilly.com

This next batch of foodie hats is courtesy of designer Maor Zabar (http://www.maorzabar.com/collections/hats/food-hats/)

These are so bougie (Bad and Boujee) looking yet so goofy, I love it! Mother’s Day is just around the corner so make sure to order your fish headband asap! I’m sure Mom will love it….not mine though. She’d probably kill me. But give one to your mom and tell me how it goes!

Speaking of Bad and Boujee, this next batch of hats were worn at the Royal Ascot races in England. I’m really hoping that Meghan Markle wears one of these to wed Prince Harry but I’d imagine the queen might frown upon that…

Here are a few more I spotted on Amazon.  Spam hat anyone?  

And since baseball season is just around the corner, here are conceptual hats for each Major League Baseball team as they’re represented by their regional foods!

AL_EastAL_Centralal westnl eastnl centralnl west

I’ve got to say, even though I’m a diehard Yankees fan, I’m not mad at a few of these…especially that burrito hat! Which team logo is your favorite? Comment below!

Last but not least, here are minor league teams that actually exist!

If you’re a regular reader, you know that I already told you about The Montgomery Biscuits Mascot ! Hmm, I’d better not mention biscuits right now though, I can’t afford to rip another pair of workout pants…

mfmSpeaking of ripping things, I know that I ripped into those smart forks and spoons last week but if a device like that keeps your eating habits “top of mind” then I encourage you to do it. The same could be said for wearing an activity or sleep monitor.

Tracking your fitness, sleep and nutrition habits is a great way to learn more about your body to maximize your results! 

The information that you learn about your patterns can help you formulate a game plan  to remedy any mistakes that might be holding back your progress.

However, only you can determine whether you need a $60 fork and spoon set or a simple notebook and a pen to do so. Whatever the investment, you’re worth it so take the path that works best for you.

Do you have a fitness question, accomplishment or goal you’d like to share? Tell us about it in the comments below!

Today’s Soundtrack

Oops I did it again – Britney Spears

Too Much Booty in The Pants – 2 Live Crew (Yep, again!)

Bad and Boujee – Migos

The Safety Dance – Men Without Hats

Do you have another song that fits todays themes or that’s just so good we should check it out even if it doesn’t? Tell us about it in the comments below!

lotion doublefmlBefore we head out, since this post celebrates the entrepreneurial spirit, my friend’s 16-year old daughter Tiana has her very own skincare business! She’s got lotions, soaps, bath bombs and other goodies! She was at the XOD launch party working hard to promote her company which was awesome to see at such a young age. There’s plenty of trouble to be had at that age on a Saturday night so her focus and ambition is impressive! Here’s her website, check it out: http://www.countrysuds.com/store/princessofsuds

I’m looking forward to visiting my family this week to celebrate my parent’s anniversary in Myrtle Beach! The last time I was there was for spring break back in college (speaking of plenty of trouble to be had!) so this will be a much different experience this time around!

Of course, this trip ramps up the urgency to buy new gym pants because my mother always feeds me like I’m dying! I’ll probably return home at least 10 lbs. heavier!

235796-Groundhog-Phil-LiedHopefully the rumors of warmer weather are true though!  It sure doesn’t feel like Spring has sprung yet!  That groundhog is a liar!

Anyway, that about does it for this week, but not before your friendly reminder to please drop a comment below before you leave! Also make sure to follow me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and all that good stuff.

Okay, I’d better start packing for my trip. Whether you’re celebrating the holidays with family and friends or rolling solo and binge-watching Netflix, I hope that your week is equally amazing!

Until next time my friends, May the Fork be With You…


“If you can’t convince them, confuse them…”


15 thoughts on “Hats on Hats on Hats

  1. Late but not forgotten. I was running in circles today, but I must take time out for this treat. Man you look “very on” at the launch party for Xperience on Demand (XOD)!!!. Here’s hoping “great success” for you and all. Great blog post – love all of those crazy hats!!!.


  2. As a hat lover, I am “lovin” all of these hats, the crazies as well as the others. The hats of all of the teams are awesome. I also love those mini sliders. I had one recently and it was delicious!!! I share your excitement about the XOD launch!!! Great opportunity for a great guy!!!. As one of your fans, I am ready to help you “Promote” when you give me the “green light”


  3. Great Post!!! Love all pics and memes. The launch of XOD is a Powerful endeavor!!!!. So glad that you are a part of it!!!!. As you so well stated, you definitely wear many hats, so this post is very appropriate. How do you find time?? ?? Some of those hats are really wild lol Keep us the great work…..


  4. It is kind of late reading the blog today because I had a crazy schedule. Right now, I am kind of hungry, so your food review is making me hungry..sliders, scooby snacks and all!!!. Those bougie hats really look goofy, lol Congrats on XOD Launch. Keep us posted. I am going to eat now. Until next


  5. A song for this? … “ I get around “ – 2pac 🤗

    Read this all while half asleep and I’m like, dang …. he talked about pants ripping , booty workout, BUNS, XOD, Scooby Snacks, Hays, food hats, SPAM, spam hats, and league hats WITH food!

    I’m hungry and wanna do squats for days while rockin a cool cap. Oh yeah – and no Scoo y Snacks while filming my workout – just bringing ya some fave munchies for MY first show on your XOD channel 🤩😜!!

    Loved it all 👊🏽 🍔 #whitecastle4eva

    Liked by 1 person

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