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Hey what’s up everybody? Okay, let’s just dive right in and get this out of the way already. As you know, I’ve been trying not to talk about Oreos so much on this blog but they keep coming out with crazy new flavors! Still, I had planned to sit out the whole “mystery” batch but then everybody and their mother started weighing in on what the flavor possibly could be online. Plus, Oreo is giving out $50,000 as a grand prize for guessing so I finally cracked and bought a bag.


See what I did there with the “Guess shirt”?…

Like many others, I agree that they do taste like Fruity Pebbles (especially the lingering aftertaste). They also kind of taste like fruit loops or maybe orange sherbet. I completely disagree with those of you who told me your guess was watermelon though. I didn’t get that at all but hey, I guess we’ll find out when they name the winner. I’ll have to cast my vote asap!


I don’t actually have a son, but if I did, I’d imagine he might look like this…

Whatever the flavor, I can’t picture myself eating a whole bag of these. Wait, let me clarify. I’m greedy so yes, I’ll still eat them but I wouldn’t purchase another bag of these again.


I get what they’re doing with the contest and all but had that not been the case, a much cooler concept for the mystery bag would have been to just package one of the existing flavors inside of the “mystery flavor” packaging. Like an Oreo version of Russian Roulette. They could have also made an assorted bag – that too would have been awesome. Instead we got a flavor that I’m not sure the world needed…however I do need $50k so again, we’ll see what happens!

laysSpeaking of winning flavors, Lay’s potato chips also held a contest recently. They temporarily rolled out several new flavors such as “chicken and waffles” and “everything bagel.” Fans then voted for which of the limited edition flavors would become a permanent item. The winner ended up being their “crispy taco” flavor and …wait, what? Tacos? Okay, hold on, I’m driving to the store to buy a bag of these immediately!

…. (that wasn’t a joke, I literally ran to my car after reading that)

Okay, I’m back…but I’m not alone. Oh no my friend, I now have Crispy Taco potato chips with me. Let’s just cut to the chase and test these bad boys out right now shall we?


Oh wow! Okay, YES! I can absolutely see why this flavor was the sole survivor (although I’m sure they’ll keep some of the others if they sold well) – these literally taste just like tacos. They absolutely nailed this flavor! You can literally taste every ingredient! These are ridiculously awesome! Wow, okay Frito Lay, I’m impressed!

I’m also impressed by whatever mad scientist put this together…


This was forwarded to me from my friend Mike Tjo but I’m not sure if whoever created this meme actually tried this concoction or if it was just a joke. I mean, a lo-mein, pizza burrito? Hmm, I’m not going to lie, I’d at least give it a shot!

I also posted this Korean BBQ pizza in our Phenomnomnomenal Foodie group on Facebook (click here to join!) recently:



bacon-burger-with-cheese-and-a-diet-coke-pleaseO…M….G that looks incredible! And best of all, unlike that last creation, this one is definitely real!

If you’ve never had Korean BBQ before (or Bulgogi) it’s this thinly marinated beef (or pork) that’s already delicious on its own…so as a pizza topping? Wow! I’d absolutely destroy that thing lol it looks awesome. I’m going to need one of these delivered asap! …with a side of these Crispy Taco potato chips…oh yeah and um a Diet Coke. I’m trying to watch my figure lol (that was a joke by the way, that’s not quite how it works…).

Here’s another post from the Phenomnomnomenal group (click here to join) – we had a debate about which hot sauce was the best.


The winner was actually a write-in vote for Sriracha (from these choices, Franks won….but it was close) and I have to agree, much like the runner up, you can put that stuff on anything and make it taste better. Well, aside from those nasty Mystery Oreos…

But yeah, Sriracha is awesome – which leads me to this shirt. Check it out!


Shoutout to my buddy Alex Yeremenko who also bought one. I’ll have to make sure that we don’t wear these at the same time so we don’t look like idiots….or should I say, bigger idiots?

Hold on, let me try these Crispy Taco chips with sriracha too….

YES! These just keep getting better! Now I just wish I had some guacamole to dip these in too and…wait, hold on, I do! Yes again! Boom Shakalaka! Oh wow, I may need to do a second workout today, this is about to get out of hand…

Oh yeah, since this has already devolved into a random clustermess, before I forget (again), here’s one last piece of foodie furniture that I forgot to include a few posts ago!


It’s the accompanying piece to go along with the hot dog sofa…the burger chair!
I know, hilarious, right? Wait, what’s that?

“Are there any more” you say? Ha, I’m glad you asked….enjoy!


Okay, that’s enough of those. But don’t be surprised if there’s a round 3 someday. I may also need to do a third round of the Ugliest Shoes in the World but for now, let’s move on, shall we?

So here’s an accessory that I actually own that doesn’t look like a 4-year-old picked it out.


It’s the TrashRac from Sunbeam and….wait…aren’t those the bread people?

Oh okay, they’re not (thanks Google!)…but they do make toasters so wow, this is confusing.

Anyway yeah, Sunbeam made this cool rack that can be mounted in a cabinet and allows you to reuse those plastic bags that you get from grocery stores! Obviously, I still have a normal sized garbage can for larger items but this allows me to conveniently reuse the grocery bags as well.

It would also come in handy to hide garbage from pets who may sneak into regular cans. There’s a lid for it and also a tray to catch any liquids that might drip from the bags. Pretty cool eh? See? I can “adult” sometimes!

And now, back to your regularly scheduled stupidity – let’s take a closer look at that t-shirt shall we?


Check it out! It’s my classic Pac-Man tee!

Never forget your roots kids – Pac-Man is a legend! It just occurred to me that I also featured my Pac-Man belt and 2-Pac Man tees in past columns. Perhaps I like this character so much because he essentially looks like a pizza with a slice missing? Or maybe it’s because he’s short, bald, has a big mouth, eats everything in sight and is completely alone trapped in an endless maze full of haters who relentlessly try to keep him from reaching the next level. Wow…I AM Pac-Man!

“…he’s short, bald, has a big mouth, eats everything in sight and is completely alone trapped in an endless maze full of haters who relentlessly try to keep him from reaching the next level. Wow…I AM Pac-Man!” – Fat Darrell

mfmBut all jokes aside (was that a joke though? Hmm…), one of the greatest things about Pac-Man, Super Mario and all of these other video game heroes is the fact that they always get a second chance at life…and a third, and a fourth and, well you get the idea.

In the real world, you only live once (#yolo) but the takeaway here is that you can still always hit the reset button and start over any time that you choose. It’s never too late.

As long as you take the time to learn from your past mistakes, you can always come back stronger or change directions. That’s not just a game, that’s life too.

Many times people feel defeated after one failed attempt at reaching their goal and simply give up. You have to be stronger than that. Just because your original plan didn’t work out, don’t give up, find another way. There’s ALWAYS another way.

One of my favorite quotes is from Mike Tyson (cue the segue to another t-shirt show and tell…) who said that “everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.”


Life is going to do that to you…often. It’s going to punch you right in the face and maybe even bite your ear! So, are you going to stay on the mat and get counted out or are you going to stand back up and fight? The choice is yours but I for one will always prefer to go down swinging. Boom Shakalaka!

Do you have a fitness related question you’d like to ask? How about an accomplishment you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments below!

sriracha_hug_grandeOkay, it would be a little silly to have today’s title and not include a few recipes that incorporate sriracha so let’s do just that.

First on the menu is a homemade version of this popular sauce. Granted, the real stuff is less than $4 at most grocery stores but making your own is a great way to control the heat and flavors or ad your own unique twist to the blend (like adding fruit perhaps? Hmm…). With that said, here’s a great base, courtesy of Chef John over at Allrecipes.com.

Homemade Sriracha Sauce

30 minutes of prep, 5 minutes to cook, ready in 3 hours and 35 minutes. Makes 24 servings

1 pound red jalapeno peppers, stems cut off
1/2 pound red serrano peppers, stems cut off
4 cloves garlic, peeled
3 tablespoons light brown sugar
1 tablespoon kosher salt
1/3 cup water
1/2 cup distilled white vinegar

Chop jalapeno and serrano peppers, retaining seeds and membranes, and place into a blender with garlic, brown sugar, salt, and water. Blend until smooth, pulsing several times to start.

Transfer puree into a large glass container such as a large jar or pitcher. Cover container with plastic wrap and place into a cool dark location for 3 to 5 days, stirring once a day.

siracha2The mixture will begin to bubble and ferment. Scrape down the sides during each stirring. Rewrap after every stirring and return to a cool, dark place until mixture is bubbly.

Pour fermented mixture back into blender with vinegar; blend until smooth. Strain mixture through a fine mesh strainer into a saucepan, pushing as much of the pulp as possible through the strainer into the sauce. Discard remaining pulp, seeds, and skin left in strainer.

Place saucepan on a burner and bring sauce to a boil, stirring often, until reduced to your desired thickness, 5 to 10 minutes. Skim foam if desired.

Remove saucepan from heat and let sauce cool to room temperature. Sauce will thicken a little when cooled. Transfer sauce to jars or bottles and refrigerate.

fd5029b7-fd44-4685-ad66-a6af964fe31a_1.d8e8a7bf8f7ac797764596a7ba28e25dThere’s another foodie inspired Halloween costume for you…

You can also find literally thousands of sriracha recipes online however, I’m saving you a little time here by including the following 4 articles that include several favorites for you to check out for yourself!


Sriracha popsicles?  Wait…what?

This first one from Bon Appetit features 31 recipes including homemade Sriracha Mayo, cocktail sauce, ketchup, salad dressing and more! Click here to check it out!


This next batch from Great List includes 50 breakfast, lunch and dinner options ranging from corn muffins and waffles to summer rolls and soups – and best of all, they’re all healthy!  Click here to check it out!


Sriracha Bulgogi with French fries and caramelized kimchi

This next list from First We Feast has 16 unexpected uses for sriracha including ice cream, popcorn and popsicles? Huh? Click here to check it out! 


And this last list from Food & Wine includes a recipe for the aforementioned bulgogi (Korean BBQ) paired with French fries and caramelized kimchi that looks INCREDIBLE! Click here to check it out! 

This ingredient has gotten really popular over the past few years so like I said earlier, there are thousands of recipes out there but these should get you started or inspire new ideas! For those of you who are already fans, what’s your favorite sriracha recipe?

Do you have another food, restaurant or recipe we should all try? Tell us about it in the comments below and if you’re on Facebook, also post it in Phenomnomnomenal!


Today’s Soundtrack

Whoomp There it Is – Tag Team (Whoomp! Shakalaka….)
Boom Shaka Laka – Flo Rida ft. Brianna
Boomshakalaka – Alchemist Project
Boom Shakalak – Apache Indian
Sriracha Tech N9ne ft. Logic & Joyner Lucas
Sriracha – Marteen

Do you have another song that fits today’s themes or a song that’s just so incredible that we should check it out anyway? Tell us about it in the comments below!

So as you know, last Friday was Treat Yo Self Day. If you celebrated, definitely tell us what you did in the comments below as well!

My day wasn’t as wild as you probably expect (regular readers may know that my original plans were to go to Miami but booking that trip was tricky due to the hurricanes so I’ll have to make up for it next year…), but I did have some ice cream for the first time in several months. I also had some chicken fried rice and…ha, wow, I’m now realizing that everything was centered around food. Speaking of which, where did I put those potato chips?

Anyway, yeah – if you haven’t heard my song, Treat Yo Self, or my proposal for a Parks and Rec cast reunion, here it is again! Check it out…

Definitely help me spread that. The goal is to get it all the way up to the cast and crew of the show so share! Share!! Share!!! Also make sure to drop a comment below before you leave. Come on, don’t be shy. I love hearing from you here and on social media… which you can follow me on by clicking the buttons on the side panel.

shaqAnd for those of you who are wondering, the term Boom Shakalaka started off as a way to describe the noise in basketball when a player makes a slam-dunk. The “Boom” is the dunk and the “shakalaka” is the shaking of the backboard. Yes, you’re welcome. If any of you ever win Who Wants to be a Millionaire or something with that answer though, I expect half…or one of those bulgogi pizzas at the very least.

Before we go, I’d like to send an early birthday shoutout to my brother Dwayne who’s birthday is coming up on Friday! Here’s to many more!

Okay, that’s about it for me. Whatever you get into this week, I hope it’s as awesome as hot sriracha on a Crispy Taco potato chip! 

Until next time my friends, May the Fork be With you…



ps. Um yeah, seriously leave a comment, I wasn’t kidding 😉


19 thoughts on “Boom Shakalaka Hot Sriracha – Randomonium!

  1. My bottles of Sriracha and Frank’s Red Hot are always within arm’s distance. I’ve been thinking of carrying them in my purse in travel size bottles. Nah… there is always the risk of it spilling all over my ID, cash and keys. Try jalapeño aioli as a dipping sauce for chix nuggets or fries or a sandwich or anything that needs mayo! Besos y abrazos

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ha, yeah, I thought about carrying around travel size bottles in my computer or gym bag but decided not to for the same reason! Hmm, thanks for the tip with the jalapeno aioli, I’ll have to give that a shot! Besos y abrazos y tu tambien … did I get that right? My Espanol is rusty lol…


  2. Your Blog is so-o-o educational and full of a lot of good food!!!! lol Thanks for explaining the term “Boom Shakalaka – I never knew!!! Love that cool looking image of the “future little Darrell and his cookies.” I am sure that your parents, especially your mom, are smiling on this!!!!! He is cute and a future ” chip off the old block.”

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey thanks, I’m glad you enjoy the blog and thank you for always commenting! Not sure about the little Darrell so Mom better not get too excited lol but yes, if I do have any kids, I’m pretty sure they’ll be just as greedy!


  3. Your awesome sauce shirt is “out of this world!!! “It looks great on you! Love this post and getting ready to share, share share. I see that you are also “rockin” with your “fat Darrell cap” on in this one. Thanks for the recipes.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Glad you like the shirt, it’s sill but I like it. Good eyes spotting the Fat Darrell hat. If you try any of the recipes definitely let us know how they come out! Thanks for sharing, I appreciate you!


  4. You know what???? I think the crispy taco potato chips were probably created with you in mind lol. In this midst of all the entertaining fun, food and laughter in this post, I truly enjoy your words of inspiration. YES WE CAN …always hit the reset button in life. This lets us know that we should “never give up. just ask our Creator to make His way plain for us to follow and then…keep on pluggin”

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  5. This post is hilarious!!!! Your foodie furniture is unbelievable!!!! I can’t decide between the burger chair or the pizza bed. Pac-Man is definitely a legend!!!!! Your description sums him up. Oh, by the way, thanks to you, I really treated myself on Friday the 13th while singing your song “Treat YO Self” featuring little Dom. Fans, let’s all continue to share this great song with others….. and make things happen!!!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ha, yes I’m not sure which is more ridiculous, the bed or the chair. I suppose the chair since the bed is just sheets but both are crazy. I’m glad that you enjoyed Treat Yo Self Day (and that you like the song!)! What did you do?


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