Ho Ho Ho – It’s Christmas in July!

Why yes, I do still have candy canes leftover from December – don’t judge me lol besides, they’re still delicious. Hmm, random thought – do they allow candy canes on planes or in prison? I mean, I’ve almost stabbed a hole in my cheek with the pointy edges on these things several times so they could legitimately be used as weapons. I’m sure that Jason Statham could slice you up a thousand different ways in under a minute with 2 candy canes! Remind me to write that into a script someday…

3Anyway, Ho Ho Ho! Season’s Greetings everyone! Nope, don’t worry, I didn’t accidentally publish the wrong post, it’s Christmas in July! I’m sure you’ve all heard the term before, but did you know that many people actually celebrate this event each year? No, seriously!

As for how it all began, no one really knows exactly, but there are several theories in the “wikipediverse.”

The most logical is that several cities in Australia and other locations below the equator have Christmas celebrations in July since that is when their winter is (seasons are reversed for those who didn’t pay attention in Science class). Hmm, Christmas does feel more Christmassy in colder temperatures I suppose so that’s a sound theory.

There was also an Opera released in 1892, named Werther, where a group of children were rehearsing a Christmas song in July. That concept most likely inspired the titular (<- ha that word sounds unintentionally dirty doesn’t it? Titular lol that’s what she said…) Christmas in July movie that came out in 1940.

Whatever the origin, here in the US, we’ll take any excuse to throw a party so more and more ironic Christmas in July parties have been popping up over the years. The Hallmark channel even runs a televised marathon (no, that’s not today’s fit tip. TV marathons do not count as exercise, sorry…) of Christmas movies to celebrate the event!

I just wish that I was still in New Jersey right now (there’s no place like home 😉), because my client Francesca used to host these REALLY elaborate Christmas parties in July! I’m talking full lights, full decorations including a fully decked out tree, a gluttonous feast, present exchanges and even caroling! It was a legitimate spectacle!

2Here in Atlanta, the closest events that I’ve found were a few local bar theme nights but they didn’t fully commit to the concept so the photos aren’t even worth posting. Sure, there were a few Christmas t-shirts and a few basic decorations here and there. Aside from that though, it was just an ordinary night of loud music, beer pong and drunken pick-up lines, nothing out of the ordinary.

Legoland Discovery in Atlanta is also hosting a month-long Christmas in July Toy Drive where guests receive a discount for bringing a new unwrapped and unopened toy to be donated to charity (proceeds benefit Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta – it’s a great cause so if you’re in the area, head over to Phipps Plaza before the end of the month).

They also have a Santa themed Lego figure on display so that’s kind of cool I suppose. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love the fact that they’re donating toys to kids in need but I’m just more of a “go big or go home” type when it comes to celebrations.

Admittedly, I’ve never actually thrown a Christmas in July party before (I have tried to talk others into it though so Agnes, if you’re reading this, what happened? You too Kim aka “Kimmy Clause”?) but if I did, I’d be more inclined to go all out like Francesca. A full tree, Santa giving out presents, lawn decorations, you name it. That would also be a great excuse to just leave the lights on the house all year so it’s a win-win!

Before we continue, here are a few random Christmas in July ideas I spotted on Pinterest. These are pretty cool actually. Check them out…

But yeah, maybe someday I’ll host a Christmas in July party of my own but wait – if we can have Christmas 5 months early than I propose that we do the same for my other favorite holiday (and my actual birthday) Halloween! Yes, I say that we make “Halloween in May” a thing too, who’s with me (don’t you all jump at once now)?!

Seriously, I’m talking full costumes, trick or treating, scary movies and decorations. And of course since Halloween is also my birthday, feel free to mail presents (no seriously, feel free lol)!

Screenshot_20170725-002534Honestly though, if we can celebrate Christmas twice, why can’t we celebrate other holidays a second time as well? How about some turkey, gravy and mashed potatoes in June eh? Actually, there’s already a second Valentine’s Day in the Midwest called Sweetest Day that’s celebrated in October so that’s 2 down already!

So with that said, I officially declare May 2018 the launch of “Halloween in May”! You won’t need Wikipedia to tell you who started this new tradition because the buck stops here my friend.

Although, I may have indirectly launched this event back when I was in college, it just didn’t have an official title yet. But believe it or not, it was actually in May!

Long story short, I was sitting in my dorm room at Rutgers during finals week back in the day. I was randomly wearing a football jersey (Steve Young of the San Francisco 49ers to be specific) and I was tossing a football back and forth with one of my buddies who was wearing a basketball jersey at the time.

I don’t have a photo from this particular day, but here’s a random pic with the Easter Bunny that I took while wearing that very same jersey the month before:


An Easter Bunny AND a Santa pic in the middle of the summer?  What is happening right now???


Why yes, I was in college when that photo was taken.  Why do you ask?  lol

Anyway, we were later joined by my friend who was a Rutgers Cheerleader. She had just come from an event so she was in her full uniform.

Some of the details here are foggy but I remember she had her boyfriend with her and the 4 of us were just sitting around talking and listening to music when I jokingly started dancing for some reason. One of them playfully shouted “go Darrell, it’s your birthday” and that’s when I responded “oh, cool then that means it’s Halloween! We should go trick or treating!”

We all started laughing but then we looked around the room and realized that 3 out of 4 of us were already wearing costumes! We had a football player, a basketball player and a cheerleader! All that it took was for me to cut a few holes in a white sheet and we made her boyfriend a ghost!

With that said, we ditched studying to instead drive around Piscataway, NJ Trick-or-Treating for the next several hours (which partially explains my GPA that semester. Um yeah, sorry Mom…).

I’m not sure how well this would go over in 2017 since people are leerier of strangers now (it was a simpler time back then kids…), but man did we clean up! Since nobody was prepared for Trick-or-Treaters in May, we ended up getting full-sized candy bars, money, food… and I think some lady gave us a lamp if I remember correctly!

I was definitely onto something back then so I’m going to have to bring back Halloween in May next year with an event of some sort! Since that’s a while from now, I’ll end this topic here, but mark your calendars now people, it’s happening!

Before we move on to another topic, I have a quick question for anyone who may know the answer. Why do both Santa and the Green Giant say “ho, ho, ho”? This question has baffled me for years….oh wait, Google…. Hold on…. What? The giant in Jack and the Beanstalk says “ho, ho, ho” too? Great, now I’m even more confused than I was before lol….is this phrase just a ‘giant’s thing’? But it can’t be because Santa’s not a giant, he’s just chubby, so who ripped off who? These are the questions that keep me up at night people…you know, important topics. World changers.


And since we’re already on such deep, philosophical subject matter, I might as well show you what I picked up the other day. Check it out!

Yes! Officially licensed Emoji brand adhesive bandages! Ha, don’t blame me, blame my friend Sasha (Happy Belated Birthday Sasha J!) who told me they were on sale! But yes, these are great! …Even if they don’t have the #DoubleFML upside down smiley face included in this collection.

Oh yeah and check out my Band-aid placement in the photos lol I should have done that in the 90’s post. That was the look back in the day. Shout out to TLC and Nelly for the inspiration. It’s getting “Hot in Herre” lol actually, it seriously is getting hot. It’s been like 90 degrees these past few days. Maybe that explains why I didn’t see more (ie: any) Santa suits this past week…

I-Love-the-90s-Event-Image-670x350-004-d19b6a7491Oh yeah, and speaking of TLC, shoutout to Nicole Gilmore who told me about the I love the 90’s “The Party Continues” Tour that’s coming to Atlanta!

Round 1 was the one I told you about in the Ugly 90’s fashion show post but this one features TLC, Naughty by Nature, Montell Jordan, Snap and Color Me Badd (other cities also feature C&C Music Factory, Biz Markie and Mark McGrath)! I’ll have to see if I can get a backstage pass to grab some photos at that one! I’ll make sure to rock these Emoji bandages if I go…


The future WWE champ “Dom Cena”

And speaking of bandages, here’s an update from last post about my little 5-year-old nephew (aka mini-me lol) Domonick’s broken thumb situation. He finally got to switch to the camouflage cast that he initially requested. He also hit on the nurse that was treating him (atta boy Dom!) so yeah, I’d say that he’s doing pretty well.

My sister-in-law said that he should be completely out of the cast on August 3rd …although from the sound of things, I’m not sure that he’ll want to be out of the cast on August 3rd!

His birthday is also on July 28 so it looks like he’ll turn the big 0-6 still on injured reserve. I doubt that’ll stop him from devouring a dozen or so cupcakes though so again, atta boy Dom!


Oh yeah and you see that wax paper he’s sitting on in the doctor’s office? I always feel like a salami sandwich sitting on those lol. It’s 2017 medical industry! Surely there must be a better option by now… anyway, I digress. Speedy recovery Little Dom! And if that nurse is as cute as you say, let her know that Uncle Darrell is currently single 😉

mfmThis tip is going to sound familiar because it’s almost cliché to say that “breakfast is the most important meal of the day” at this point.

While I slightly disagree (the meal that you have after your workout is the most important one in my opinion, breakfast would come in second on my scale…or perhaps at 1b), breakfast is still extremely important. Why? Because breakfast sets the nutritional tone for the rest of the day.

By having a quality breakfast, you’re less likely to binge later in the day after “fasting” the entire morning. You’re also low on nutrients when you first wake up since your body stays busy making repairs to your system while you sleep.

Most of us also tend to be more active earlier in the day, whether it’s with school, work or parenting so the vitamins and minerals in your breakfast will help provide you with energy to power through your day. Relying on coffee and adrenaline isn’t the best for your health and will eventually lead to fatigue so making breakfast a priority is a great first step toward improving your health and fitness level.

Do you have a fitness related question that you’d like answered? Do you have a fitness goal or accomplishment you’d like to share? Tell us about it in the comments below!

theskinnylogoI’m sure that many of you groaned at that last tip because most people hate eating breakfast or feel that they simply don’t have time. Another common excuse in the summer months is that it’s just too hot outside to feel like eating at times but the following recipe is about to solve all 3 of those issues!

These frozen breakfast parfait pops are delicious, taste like ice cream and are easy to grab and go (once you’ve made the initial batch that is). The best part is that they provide a completely balanced meal that’s full of protein and nutrients too!

Shoutout to “Kimmy Clause’s” husband Robert Christopher for putting me onto these and to Rebecca Longshore of Cooking Light for this amazing recipe! I definitely plan to make a fresh batch of these asap! Check it out….

1604w-breakfast-pops1_2Frozen Breakfast Parfait Pops

Courtesy of Rebecca Longshore of Cooking Light
Makes 6 pops

Granola (use your favorite recipe or the one posted below)
32 ounces 2% reduced-fat plain Greek yogurt
2 tablespoons honey
1 cup fresh blueberries
6 fresh strawberries, sliced

Granola Ingredients
1604w-breakfast-pops-511 cup rolled oats
2 tablespoons almonds
1 tablespoon brown sugar
1 tablespoon wheat germ
1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
1/4 teaspoon salt
1/4 cup maple syrup
2 tablespoons creamy peanut butter
2 teaspoons canola oil
1 teaspoon vanilla extract


1. Preheat oven to 450°.
2. Combine first six ingredients in a large bowl. Heat syrup, peanut butter, oil, and vanilla in a saucepan over high heat, stirring until smooth. Add to oat mixture; toss to coat.
3. Spread oat mixture on a foil-lined baking sheet. Bake 9 minutes, stirring after 5 minutes. Let cool.

1. Combine Greek yogurt and honey.
2. Spoon 1 to 2 teaspoons of granola into the bottom of each ice-pop mold. Next, spoon in some of the Greek yogurt mixture. Add slices of strawberries and blueberries on top of the yogurt mixture. To mix the berries into the yogurt, use the wooden pop stick and arrange the berries down in the molds. You can add a little granola in the middle of the pop as well. To get air out of the pops, swirl the wooden pop stick around the mold or gently tap on your counter. Top each mold with more Greek yogurt until each mold is filled. Place a stick in the middle of each pop; freeze 2 hours or until firm.

How cool is that? Breakfast may never be the same again. Try these and let me know what you think in the comments!

Do you have a recipe that you’d like to share or a restaurant that we should check out? Tell us about it in the comments below! Also follow the Fat Darrell page on Facebook. Some of the restaurants we’ve featured just this past week alone are must see! Especially the lobster bowl from a few days ago! Click the social media buttons on the side panel to join the party…

Today’s Soundtrack

All I want for Christmas is You – Mariah Carey (Christmas songs tend to annoy me until it’s almost December 25th but this one never gets old)

Thriller – Michael Jackson (Halloween in May people, let’s make it happen! And yes, that’s another MJ reference for those keeping track each post. What’s the number up to now anyway?)

Hot in Herre – Nelly (before you complain though, remember that it’s going to be freezing outside in just a few months!)

Baby, Baby, Bay – TLC (I seriously need to get to that concert!)

Numb/Encore – Linkin Park featuring Jay-Z (RIP Chester Bennington – what a sad and shocking story. Linkin Park are regulars on this list)

Pushin Weight – Fat Darrell (Yep, that one’s by me! It’s available on iTunes, Amazon and Spotify NOW so check it out!)

Do you have another song that fits today’s themes? Do you have a song that’s just so good we should check it out in general? Tell us about it in the comments below!

Okay that about does it for this week…but first, my obligatory “you should follow me on social media and also leave a comment on this page before you leave” message.  So um yeah, you should follow me on social media and leave a comment on this page before you leave mmkay?  Thanks.


$5 Hot and Ready!  Again, that’s what she said… lol titular…

Speaking of messages…..as in the voicemail variety, I finally ditched my landline over the weekend! I still had a regular phone in my home office but the only ones who ever called that number were my parents and telemarketers so it was finally time to go completely digital.

Hmm, what should I ever do with the $20 per month that I’ll be saving? The aforementioned Sasha J pointed out how that twenty saved could score me a Little Caesars pizza once per week and ya know what?  I’ve got to admit, she makes an excellent point! But we’ll see what I come up with.  I might try “adulting” for a change and put the money in savings or something (yawn…).


AtomicBlonde-2One thing that I’ll definitely be spending some money on this week is the new Charlize Theron movie, Atomic Blonde! I’ve been excited to see this movie ever since I saw the trailer nearly 4 months ago! She’s like a female James Bond and even did her own stunts. It looks REALLY good so yeah, I’m excited. What do you all have going on this week? Tell us in the comments so I can steal your ideas, lol that movie is about all I’ve got lined up this week.

Anyway, it’s time to blow this popsicle stand folks (speaking of popsicles, drop a comment below if you try that recipe!  Let us know what you think…) so that’s a wrap people. Thanks again for stopping by and until next time, May the Fork be with You…


“You’ll never learn to swim on dry land…” – Pastor Dennis Rouse


Pushin Weight by ®Fat Darrell…yes, yours truly. Check out the promo video NOW at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uuwZ8YFaNS4 and then buy the single at your favorite digital music store (you didn’t seriously think I was going to close this one out without promoting my song again did you? Lol get it now people! It’s only 99 cents…I’m just sayin…)!




22 thoughts on “Ho Ho Ho – It’s Christmas in July!

  1. Christmas in July sounds expensive lol and it’s too hot for hot cocoa, and with back to school supplies etc there’d be no gifts lol… okay, I sound so negative haha but I actually wouldn’t mind it!

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  2. Christmas in July? Hey, I love this because this is my all-time favorite holiday!!!!! This post makes me excited just thinking about it. You are a sharp Santa lol. Frozen breakfast parfait pops look yummy. I think I will try them.

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  3. This post is so-o-o funny!!! I can see that your creative juices were flowing in this post. The poop on face bandages really cracked me up lol. Easter bunny and santa pic in the middle of summer – Awesome!!!! lLove your nephew little Dom Cena. Sorry he is injured, but he appears to be enjoying it.
    My soundtrack for the day, without a doubt, is ” Pushin Weight”

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