The Letter H is for Haterade

Screenshot_20170515-191732Ha, I thought that was pretty funny and also appropriate since I’m posting this one on Taco Tuesday but um yeah, still go exercise ya slacker!  Anyway, what’s up everybody?  Welcome back to #DoubleFML.  Sorry for the delay again this week but it was a busy weekend and my computer was being worked on so it was a little tricky to put this one together until I got it back. 

Being without a computer for a few days (okay, I technically still had a smartphone but you know what I mean) reminded me of back in the day when I used to write and receive actual letters from people.  Man, I can’t even remember the last time I got a handwritten letter.  Sure, I get a card sent my way every now and then, but a full-blown letter?  Wow, the last one of those I got was probably back in high school.  As for the mail?  I have no idea, that would have to be even further back.  I’ve had a few close calls recently but the letters turned out to be from a car dealership using a creative font.  Bummer. 

paper football
Paper Football…it was a simpler time lol

Do any of you still mail actual letters?  It seems like only people stuck in jail or psychos like The Unibomber send real letters anymore.  We’re almost at the point where an email even feels too formal at times.  As I stated in the Valentine’s Day post, the bar has been set so low for romance now.  So yeah fellas, if you want to create an unforgettable moment, send an actual letter.  You’ll be like Romeo and Prince Charming rolled into one….just don’t fold the paper into the shape of a football.

fortune teller
Who wants me to read their fortune?

Hmm, I wonder if I still know how to make those anyway.  I’ll have to give it a shot later.  I used to be a pro.  I used to make those paper fortune teller things too.  I could also make a hat, a boat, a speed airplane and a glider airplane that did all of these tricks.  That’s about as far as my origami skills went but this one kid in my class could make everything.  The best was this paper balloon he’d make lol it was magical.  I’m sure that anyone born in the 2000’s is lost right now… do they still make any of this crap?  Probably not, but in defense of Generation X, we didn’t have iPads and cell phones to play with in class back then.  “Back in my day, things were different kiddos….” 

Screenshot_20170515-112436Anyway, while we’re on the subject of letters and cards, Happy Mother’s Day to all of the mom’s out there…especially mine!  Not only did she carry me around for 9 full months, she’s also had to put up with my crazy antics ever since then so that woman is truly a saint! 

Anyway yeah, I hope that you all enjoyed your special day and please don’t be like this meme, she’s just as important next Sunday too!

So it just hit me, I know one of the reasons why I never get handwritten letters anymore.  It’s karma.  How so?  Because, back in elementary school, my class in New Jersey was matched with students at a school in Orlando, Florida to be pen pals for the year. 

Snail Mail…

My sweet little pen pal Rebecca was so smart and funny.  We wrote each other multiple times per week and it was always so exciting when her letters arrived.  We hit it off immediately since we had the same sense of humor and so much in common.  While other kids fell off or only wrote each other one time, our letters kept going and we started talking about meeting in person someday too. 

Anyway, she mailed me a picture and while I thought she was cute, I allowed a few of the kids in my class to convince me otherwise.  Somehow I let these clowns get in my head and eventually I stopped replying.  She’s probably a brilliant brain surgeon/supermodel/astronaut now while I’m sitting here eating a PB&J, wearing socks that don’t match, writing about folding paper airplanes… 

I still have her letters somewhere in my archives (ie: burried in a box somewhere in my guest room closet) so perhaps I’ll try to reply to her after all these years for a future post.  If her family still has the same address this could lead to a pretty funny reunion…or she could think that I’m a strange creeper for trying to find her after all these years but either way it’ll make for a pretty epic story! 

Still, that whole situation taught me a valuable lesson at a very young age.  Those other kids were just jealous (especially one of the little girls who had a crush on me) so they encouraged me to ruin a good thing because that’s what haters do… haters gonna hate.

Fat Darrell Nobody CaresIf you read my very first post (I donut give a sheet) or my rant about the Lady Gaga body shaming during my Superbowl recap (click here to check it out) you’ll understand my current philosophy on all of that.  You can’t worry about everyone else’s opinion, especially now with so many internet trolls, keyboard warriors and cyber bullies out there. 

Everyone is going to have an opinion about how you should live your life but you’re the one who’s going to have to live with the consequences of your decisions so choose wisely.  It’s impossible to please everybody so just be yourself and focus on your own happiness.

Unfortunately, many of the people who try to influence your actions are only doing so because holding your back makes them feel better about themselves.  They don’t necessarily have your best interests in mind, they’re simply watching your life play out like a movie.  It’s entertainment.  And how exciting would a show be without any drama? 

Case in point, I was watching another episode of that Married at First Sight show that we discussed a few weeks ago (you can check out that post by clicking here but long story short, it’s a televised social experiment where complete strangers marry each other without meeting first to see how they exist as a couple).  The couples were getting along so well that it was almost sickening lol.  It wasn’t until they started bickering and fighting over dumb things like jet ski rides and ping pong that things got interesting.  While the show is about rooting for love, there I was, rooting for chaos.  See?  Haters gonna hate right? 

get your popcorn readyBut that’s a microcosm of what some people are trying to do when they meddle in your business.  They’ll try and manipulate you for their own amusement and then when the going gets tough, they’ll grab their popcorn and watch you struggle.  So just be careful who you allow inside of your inner circle. 

Fat Darrell Skeletor
Poor Skeletor

Speaking of haters, did you know that Kylo became one of the most popular baby names last year?  That’s right, Kylo as in Kylo Ren, one of the darkest characters the Star Wars franchise has ever introduced!  I’m completely serious, it was one of the fastest growing names of 2016. 

See?  Train-wrecks and villains are just more interesting to people.  That’s why millions of viewers loved watching Simon Cowell destroy people during the auditions on American Idol.  Or why everyone has to slow down to stare at people on the side of the road.  Or why the “Cash me outside” girl has endorsement deals and millions of followers. 

Despite being a huge Batman fan, I can easily admit that it’s the Joker who steals the show.  I also not so secretly rooted for Johnny to beat “Daniel-son” in the Karate Kid (Sweep the leg Johnny!  No Mercy.).  And come on, didn’t you feel bad for poor Skeletor (did I spell it right this time JP?) every now and then?

In other news, the I-85 overpass that collapsed back on March 30 has been completely repaired and reopened already!  My friend Stephen had an interesting observation Screenshot_20170512-095011that when it fell and the city estimated that it wouldn’t be fixed until July, everyone complained.  They talked about how countries like Japan would have it done in less than 2 months.  So what did Atlanta do?  They completed it in less than 2 months but now everyone’s like “Oh, I’m not driving on that, they fixed it way too fast, I’m sure it’s not safe!”  Ha, see what I mean?  People just love to complain.  Again, Haters gonna hate.  You just can’t win sometimes!

Oh yeah, speaking of driving, I finally saw The Fast and The Furious last week!  I thought that it was really good but if you’re not a fan of the franchise by now, I doubt my review is going to sway you at this point!  I won’t spoil the ending for you but it does seem pretty obvious that a 9th installment will be coming soon.   

“I’m looking forward to The Fast and the Furious 84: The Slow and The Forgetful…” – Fat Darrell

I’m looking forward to The Fast and the Furious 84: The Slow and The Forgetful where Vin Diesel and the gang race electric wheel chairs and Hoverounds with flame throwing NOS tanks on the back… Ha, I’m kidding about that but I will watch the next chapter when it comes out.  I’m too far in to stop now lol besides, they’re still fun movies. 

therock-998x624One of the stars of the film (and one of my favorite people on the planet) Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson recently declared that he may someday run for President.  I jokingly said that I was going to vote for him last election so that’s pretty funny that he’s seriously considering it now.  I don’t know his political beliefs but hey, if Reagan, Schwarzenegger and now Trump can do it, why not?  Wait, isn’t Kanye West supposed to run in 2020 as well?  Hmm…this could be a very interesting election!  I’m voting for The Rock though – free protein shakes and gym memberships for everyone! 

20170514_143102Speaking of which, let’s move on to a fitness tip shall we?  But before we do, check out my amazing catch from the other day.  It was an epic struggle but I finally managed to reel him in.  #winning

That photo was taken on Sunday at the Dunwoody, Georgia Art Festival.  They had live music and vendors selling original pieces.  A few of those “works of art” looked an awful lot like doodles that I make while sitting on the phone.  Seriously, my 5-year-old nephew has done better paintings than some of the ones I saw there!  Next year I might make a batch of those paper fortune tellers that I referenced earlier and see how much I can get for them.  I’ll make them “fancy” by adding some color and glitter or something though.  Based on some of the prices I saw there, I should be able to get at least $50 a piece for them.  Hmm…

mfmSpeaking of fresh catches, if you’re eating salmon every meal to try and lose weight, make sure to mix it up with other types of fish/protein as well (just not plastic rubber ducky’s…).  While salmon is great for it’s healthy fats, too much of it may send your weight in the wrong direction.

There’s a difference between “Healthy foods” and “Healthy foods for weight loss” so while dark chocolate, red wine and salmon each have health benefits, if that was your menu for each meal, you may not reach those fitness goals any time soon.

When articles are posted online declaring the health benefits of certain foods, they often mean that it’ll lower cholesterol or provide antioxidants.  It doesn’t always mean that loading up on these foods 24/7 will magically erase 15lbs of fat and give you a six pack.

Instead of simply labeling a food as a Hero or a Villian (Kylo?), it’s weight loss benefit can best be determined by how you balance it with other nutrients.  Weight loss or healthy weight gain are based on the ratio of proteins, carbohydrates and good fats that you consume each day.  You’ll need to consume all 3 but to figure out how to balance them for your personal needs, look up the term “macronutrients” or consult with a nutritionist who can further break this down for you.

Have a fitness related question or an accomplishment you’d like to share?  Tell us about it in the comments below!


So this is pretty hilarious – since today’s theme is Haterade (which is a play on words for Gatorade for those of you who are slow…) I decided to do a quick search to see if an actual drink existed and the answer was a resounding yes!  I don’t drink (surprising with all of my crazy thoughts and purchases but yes, it’s true!) but I’m sure that many of you will enjoy these.  So without further ado, here are a few of the recipes that I found:


haterade2Courtesy of 1001 Cocktails

1 oz Absolut® Mandrin vodka (suggested flavor: mandarin)

1 oz Absolut® Citron vodka (suggested flavor: lemon)

4 oz sweet and sour mix

1 package Sweet’ N Low® artificial sweetener (I don’t personally encourage the usage of artificial sweeteners so I’d recommend using real sugar or natural sweetener like stevia)

Pour Absolut Mandrin and Absolut Citron over ice in a cocktail shaker. Add sweet and sour mix, and a packet of sweetener. Shake and pour into shot glasses.


Courtesy of Wiki Bartender

1 oz vodka

1 oz SoBe energy drink

3 oz Gatorade

Place ice cubes in glass, pour liquor over ice cubes, combine with SoBe energy drink and Gatorade in any order. Drink cold.

Single Ladies Haterade Mix

Courtesy of The Style Dossier


Haterade Party Rehab Recipe

FB_IMG_1494722225920Courtesy of That Philly Kid

20 oz. Lemon Lime Gatorade

1 can of Monster Energy Drink

7 shots of Jagermeister

In a large glass pour the Gatorade in, then pour half the can of Monster in. Follow with 7 shots of Jagermeister. Stir & serve with ice.

I’m sure a few of you have even better recipes than the ones I shared so feel free to post yours in the comments below!  And if you come up with a non-alcoholic version, definitely post that too!  In the meantime, I’ll be over here sipping from this water bottle…

Today’s Soundtrack

Hi Hater (remix) – Maino ft. T.I, Plies, Swizz Beats, Jadakiss and Fabolous

Hater – Korn

Haters (remix) – J. Alvarez ft. Bad Bunny and Almighty

Shake it Off – Taylor Swift (Haters gonna hate hate hate…)

Have another song that fits today’s themes or a song that we should just check out anyway?  Post in the comments below!

Okay peeps, I’ve got to get going.  Last post I said that I should just keep my items packed until my next trip since I was too lazy to put everything away.  Well, talk about speaking things into fruition – I’m heading to New York in a few hours.  Unfortunately, this one is for business so I will have to repack my suitcase with more appropriate outfits. 

That’ll consume most of my week however I’d still love to finally see Guardians of the Galaxy if I have any down time.  What do you all have planned? 

Before I go, you know that I’m not going to leave without reminding you to follow me on social media by clicking the buttons on the side panel.  Also make sure to leave a comment before you go!

Last but not least, my little nephew Domonick is grounded again and I don’t think I can save him this time.  He was on time-out all weekend so I’ll have to check-in to see how he’s holding up.  Stay strong little guy!  Oh wait, if he’s in “jail” long enough, perhaps I’ll get a handwritten letter! 

Anyway, I’ve got to run but make it a great week everybody.  Thanks for your support and thanks for dropping by.  Until next time, May the fork be with you (Kylo)


“Let your smile change the world but don’t let the world change your smile…”



10 thoughts on “The Letter H is for Haterade

  1. I’m glad that I provide material that meets your high-quality standards, lol
    Btw, I’d vote for the Rock. I’m actually thinking we should have Rock & Foley team up against Trump & Pence in a winner takes office match.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, that was a great post ha so thanks. And I’d definitely vote for The Rock but I don’t know about Foley..although seeing Mr. Socko leading a press conference could be amusing… Thanks for your comment!


  2. Wow! Your Haterade post is really good!!!. It was great for my reading pleasure this morning!!!. So.. your Orlando elementary school pen pal was Rebecca??. What a strange twist, she shares the same name as my blog name!!!. Considering this, I am sure that she is a now a “cool young lady” lol. Headed on another trip, “Enjoy”, even though it is a business trip. Thanks for your inspirational words about choosing wisely in life decisions and not worrying about the haters “out there”!!!!!!.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hi Rebecca, yes my pen pal had the same name! I’ll have to see if I can track her down, that would be pretty funny if I manage to pull that off. As always, thanks for commenting, I’m glad that you enjoy the posts. I appreciate the support!


  3. “Let your smile change the world but don’t let the world change your smile…” I am placing your quote in my comments because they are powerful words to live by. Nice tribute to Mother’s, especially the one about your Mom putting up with you…I am sure that it is truly a JOY for her!!!!! Thanks for your Haterade post in the midst of your busy schedule. Keep on making us laugh and sharing your words of humor, fitness and wisdom!!!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, I love that quote too. I forgot where I stole it from though, lol – and yeah, I put my Mom through a lot haha she’s great though! I’m glad that you enjoyed the post and thank you for your comment!


  4. Like always, I enjoyed reading! Good luck in New York. Thanks, for fitness tips, very helpful.
    Might need your address, I’m still one of the very few people that like writing letters lol. Now, I’m not too sure if you’ll sit there and read the entire letter!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. lol of course I’d read it! That would be the first real letter I’d see in over a decade so I might possibly frame it! Haha I’m glad you found the tips useful – thank you for commenting!


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