The Grinch that Stole Easter, Kawehi and Another Round of Foodie Shoes!

Hey what’s up “my Peeps” (see the review of Peeps Oreos from last month by following this link I hope that you all enjoyed celebrating Easter, Passover or just the weekend in general.  And for those of you bummed out that it’s Monday again, remember that Easter candy is now half off so go drown your sorrows in jelly beans and peeps my friend, you’ll get through this.

So many of you know that the Tooth Fairy and I didn’t exactly end on good terms (if you missed the post where I explained why, here’s the link) but I’ve got no beef with the Easter Bunny.  Here are a few photos of us throughout the years.



#TURNUP I know right?  Ha, I am really glad that he improved upon his look over the years though.  Check out a few creepy old school Easter Bunny photos I found online…but warning, once you look you can’t “un-see” these!

unitedMan, no wonder most of the kids are crying in the photos!  Those are some creepy looking costumes!  Especially the ones that have the open face and makeup resulting in a cross between a bunny and a clown?  Geez, sitting on that thing’s lap would be almost as terrifying as boarding an overbooked United Airlines flight… almost.  

So, the other day while grocery shopping, I overheard some little kid, probably no more than the age of 6, proudly telling his mother that he knows that The Easter Bunny isn’t real and that he knows it’s really her.  She tried to deny it at first but after the kid kept pressing her, she finally admitted that he was right.  She was like, “oh wow, you’re such a smart little boy Timmy” (or whatever his name was) but oh no, I beg to differ. 

No, Timmy, that wasn’t smart at all because you just screwed yourself out of at least 5 or 6 more years of Easter goodies!  What a rookie move.  All he had to do was just shut up, play along and that gravy train would keep rolling into the station for several more years but nope, he had to prove that he was “a big boy” and now look at you Timmy.  You’re just an Easter basketless joy killer now.  Well played kid.  Even his mom was upset as she put the bunny toys back on the shelf because she wanted to play along too.  All he had to do was just keep giving her a reason and he would have been set! 

Oh, and I’m sure this will filter its way into Christmas and again the next time he loses a tooth so it’s a slippery slope for you now Timmy.  It’s too late to take that statement back so it’s going to be hard to pretend that you know your mom is the Easter Bunny but yet still think that The Tooth Fairy is somehow real.  Nope, you ruin one, you ruin them all.  Your childhood is officially over Timmy, you might as well just get a job and start counting down until your retirement fund kicks in because it’s all downhill from here. 

Some jerk kid back in my second grade class went and told everyone that Santa Clause wasn’t real too but I was smart enough to not let my parents know that I had found out!  Oh no, quite the opposite because I used that information to my advantage.  I mean, Santa Clause always brought great presents but of course my parents wouldn’t want Santa to be the only hero so they would always get me an equally amazing present too!

Even though it was all technically coming from the same place, I could almost play them against each other like “whoa, I bet Santa is going to get me that Nintendo and a new bike, I bet you can’t top that”…and then they would!  I had a great thing going.  It’s called “fleecing the system” people.  Look it up Timmy.    

So yeah, I milked that situation all the way up until middle school!  Actually, I’d still do it now if I could! 

See, that’s the problem, kids always want to grow up so fast but that’s almost always a bad idea.  Like I wanted to have a beard and shave my face so bad but now the hair comes back so annoyingly fast that I can barely make it through an entire day before it grows back out!

Oh, or how about when my parents wouldn’t let me mow the lawn because they thought I’d cut my foot off by accident.  So one day while they were at work, I went out and mowed the lawn all by myself with flawless precision.  And you know what that got me?  Yelled at when I didn’t do it the following week because suddenly it was unceremoniously added to my list of chores!  I could have held out for at least a few more years on that. 

Oh, and don’t even get me started on how dumb I was back in the day for fighting to not take naps in the middle of the afternoon.  Do you know what I’d do for that opportunity now? 

See, that’s the problem.  Kids are constantly trying to be more like adults but what they don’t understand is that most adults are trying to be more like kids.  That’s why we start off as babies wearing diapers with limited motor skills, only able to eat soft foods because we have no teeth and then we end up as senior citizens wearing diapers with limited motor skills only able to eat soft foods because we have no teeth.  It’s the circle of life, enjoy the ride while you can.

“It’s The Circle of Life, enjoy the ride while you can…” – Fat Darrell

kawehiSo, on Saturday, one of my favorite Independent Music artists dropped by Atlanta again to perform.  Her name is Kawehi and this was my third time checking her out live and goofing around with her after the show.  If you haven’t heard of her yet, you should definitely check out her songs that I’ll drop in today’s soundtrack below because she’s really talented! 


2016 at Aisle 5 in Atlanta, GA

The main element of what she does is called “looping” where she gradually builds the song by recording individual elements and having them repeat until it builds into a full sonic eargasm.  If you saw Kanye West perform Runaway at the 2010 VMA’s or Ed Sheeran perform Shape of You a few months ago on The Grammy’s they used a similar technique.  It’s really cool to watch, especially live.  As you’ll see, she only has a keyboard and a few guitars yet you’d think she had a full orchestra behind her if you didn’t see it with your own eyes!


It’s also amazing to watch her genuine connection with her audience.  As mentioned, she’s Independent which means that she’s not backed by a major label.  Instead, her albums are funded by the fans through kickstarter campaigns and she literally packs up her equipment and her dogs into a van to tour around the country.  It’s pretty inspirational that she does things her own way and never allows her circumstances to limit her creativity.

2015 at Vinyl in Atlanta, GA


I filmed an interview with her for The Skinny with Fat Darrell Quick Bites after the first time that I saw her perform so check that out by following this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3T1PVpEF7u0 

And here are a few photos from the other night (for more photos follow me on Instagram @FatDarrellsLLC).  Since we both love pizza, I almost wore my pepperoni pizza tank top but then I remembered that she’s a vegetarian so instead I went with the glowing cheese slice tee instead! 

It’s always a great time whenever she’s in town.  I hope to collaborate with her on a song or 2 one of these days.  Check out her website https://www.kawehi.com/ for upcoming album info and tour dates.  She puts on a great show! 


If you celebrate Easter, many of you probably have a ton of hard boiled eggs leftover (although I do find the thought of hiding painted eggs that aren’t boiled yet hilarious) but don’t know whether they’re good for you or not.  Unless you’re allergic to them, eggs are in fact a perfect food to consume since it’s low in calories, carbs and fat yet high in protein and packed with nutrients like Iron, Potassium and Vitamin E to name a few.  And before you ask, yes, I am referring to the whole egg, yolk included! 

images (11)

So why have yolks gotten such a bad rep over the years?  Well, that’s due to the relatively high amount of cholesterol they contain, however nearly all of that is the good form of HDL cholesterol.  Therefore, most studies show that it’s actually safe for most people to consume up to 3 eggs per day without concern. 

For those of you who prefer to go without the yolk, note that most of the nutrients are found there so you may want to consider keeping a few of them intact.  Oh and of course, if your egg is made entirely of chocolate, you should definitely not have those daily!

Have a fitness question you’d like answered or an accomplishment you’d like to share?  Post it below in the comments section!


Here is where I was going to include a few recipes for leftover hard boiled eggs but most of the ones I saw were merely simple variations of a regular Cobb salad, egg salad, deviled eggs or they were just placed on top of noodles.  Rather predictable stuff so instead I ask you what your favorite ideas are for hard-boiled eggs? (Tell us in the comments section below)

I usually go with one of the aforementioned options or just break out the hot sauce and eat them as-is.  If it ain’t broke, why fix it right?  Wait, I’m sure there’s a lame joke in there somewhere since it has to be broken first but whatever, let’s move on shall we?  Eggs-cellent… ha, get it?!  Nevermind… 

Oh wait, before we move on, random pet peeve:  I absolutely hate it when I miss peeling a piece of the shell and end up crunching into it.  Gross.  Does that freak any of you out as well?  The horror.  I mean, not creepy bunny clown horror but still, it skeeves me out ya know?  Okay, NOW we can move on…

So last post we looked at some crazy shoes including foodie heels and sneakers!  Well guess what?  There’s more… so without further ado, I present another quick round of foodie shoes! 

Ha, would you wear any of these?  You already know I’d throw those pizza ones on in a heartbeat!  If you own or have seen more, keep them coming!  Share in the comments below.  These are great!

Today’s Soundtrack

Closer – Kawehi (it’s a cover the the Nine Inch Nails classic so definitely not one to play around the kids… especially you Timmy…)

The Way You Make Me Feel – Kawehi (Michael Jackson cover – oh, there’s the MJ reference.  Haven’t had one in a few posts, it was time)

Chandelier – Kawehi (Sia cover – she’s got tons of incredible originals too, all great stuff. You should definitely check out that interview!)

Runaway – Kanye West (as mentioned above…)

Shape of You – Ed Shearon (I mentioned this one above too remember?)

The Humpty Dance – Digital Underground (Humpty Dumpty…)

Telephone – Lady Gaga ft. Beyonce (Since Lady Gaga appeared at an awards show inside of an egg a few years ago…)

Nah Going Home (til the Mornin’ Come) – Biggie Irie (and this last one has nothing to do with anything we discussed but I’m feeling like hearing soca/reggae today)

Have another song that fits today’s themes or that we should definitely check out?  Tell us in the comments below!

Okay, it’s about that time but before I go, you know I’m not leaving without reminding you to like and share this page.  Don’t leave without dropping a comment below as well!  And if you’re on Facebook, Twitter and all that good stuff, click on the appropriate social media icon to also follow me there.

I hope you have a great week.  I know that I will, this local Mexican restaurant is doing $4.20 burritos and burrito bowls on 4/20 (if you don’t know why, bless your innocent heart…).  The last time they did this I was out of town but this time I plan to order so many that the staff may get carpel tunnel from rolling so many of them for me.  It should be a gluttonously good time.  I also hope to go catch the new movie in the Fast and the Furious franchise.  Even though they’ve made about 4,000 of them already, I still love them.  If you’ve seen it let me know how it is in the comments but don’t be a killjoy like Timmy okay so no spoilers!  Man, I also haven’t seen Logan yet either….I’m late!

Alright folks, I’d love to stay and chat but Gotham needs me.  Make it a great week and May the Fork be with you…

Hasta la Pasta,


How can you drop an egg six feet without breaking it?
By dropping it seven feet – it won’t break for the first six…


7 thoughts on “The Grinch that Stole Easter, Kawehi and Another Round of Foodie Shoes!

  1. Omg. The easter bunny faces are scary.. Poor little kids…thanks for nutrition update on egg yolks i don’t eat them but now I’ll 2nd think about eating, n I’ll try them out!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. No problem! Yes look into it, there not so bad. Those old school Easter Bunnies are creepy right?! Ha what were they thinking when they made those costumes? lol


  2. Love those crazy shoes!!!!I thought about you immediately when I saw the pizza shoes. Those kiwi shoes reminded me of the time I went on this “crazy diet” recommended by a “so-called nutrition specialist.” After that, I vowed to never eat another kiwi!!!! Cudos to Kawehi in her efforts. You provided great coverage for her. Nice seeing you with the Easter bunny. “You got game lol!!! Enjoy those burritos on 4/20!!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. That little kid Timmy definitely messed us when he exposed the “Easter Bunny.” Sounds as if you had a “great ride” in your deceptive Santa Claus effort and ended up with a lot cool things at the same time from both Santa and your parents. If only they knew!!!!!! Love those bunnies and thanks for the tip about eating eggs.

    Liked by 1 person

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