I Donut Give a Sheet …

Happy New Year people!  I was so tempted to launch this several times back in December but it really didn’t make much sense to start so late in the year.  Man, that long wait was brutal though!   Patience is definitely not one of my virtues (seriously, I’ve literally yelled at the microwave to hurry up before…) Anyway, welcome to #DoubleFML – FatDarrellPalooza!  So why does this blog have 2 names?  Hmm…I don’t know jerkface, why do you have 2 names huh?  Shut up, don’t judge me.  Ha just kidding! Of course, I expect to be judged and that’s okay! I mean, this is the internet, it’s 2017 and that’s what people do right? The real answer for the name situation?  I dunno, I just liked them both.  I like a lot of things.  That’s why we’re not going to stick to one subject either.  I like to call it “topic roulette” (thanks Greg T!) or “going down the rabbit hole” but others might call it “ADHD” or “someone in need of professional help” lol either way yeah, try to keep up because one minute we might be talking about breakfast cereals and the next minute I may go on a rant because they still haven’t created a giraffe or a kangaroo emoji yet (seriously, WTF???).  Why?  Because I can lol but so can you!

People are so quick to paint themselves and others into tiny little boxes. “Oh, you can only do this” and “you can only do that.” But I dare to ask, “why the hell not”?  Being like everyone else is easy.  That’s the very definition of basic. Being yourself despite the pressure to conform is the challenge. That’s why it was such an honor to meet George Clinton.  Do you seriously think that George Clinton (pictured above) gives a damn what people say he can or can’t do?? (*hint:  he doesn’t).  It was also fun to meet Shock G aka Humpty Hump from Digital Underground (also pictured above).  Again, do you think Humpty Hump gives a damn what you think?  Of course not, I mean, he “once got busy in a Burger King bathroom” right? (I heart 90’s hip-hop!)

But hey, that doesn’t just apply to celebrities.  Actually; my spirit animal was the little old lady parked next to me outside of Target yesterday who was blasting Tupac in her minivan and singing along! Oh, and not the radio friendly version either! She was getting it in! But hey, we don’t have to wait until we’re AARP members before we find our free spirit.  I mean, seriously, have you ever watched a toddler eat a cupcake or spaghetti?  (or have you ever watched ME eat a cupcake or spaghetti lol same difference)??  So no, we’re definitely born with a fun-loving carefree spirit but for some reason many of us let it slip away. Sure “adulting” is hard (or so I’ve been told, lol I’ll let you know when I get there) but no matter what the world throws at you don’t ever forget who you are.  You’re different, you’re unique, you’re a giraffe emoji…


So that brings us to today’s Fit Tip: Run your own race, not somebody else’s.  In other words, what works for someone else might not work for you. Continue to get to know your own body and how you respond to various foods and exercises.  Learn your strengths, weaknesses and habits to help figure out what approach works best for you. Don’t be discouraged by someone else reaching their goals before you do, stay focused on being the best version of you possible and you’ll get there too!

Have a fitness question?  Hit me up in the comments below!


Bacon Donuts? What?!

Okay, so I gave you a fit tip and now here’s one for your cheat meal…at least if you’re in Georgia!  Since donuts are in the title of today’s post, I’ve got to put you on to Da Vinci’s Donuts in Alpharetta, GA!  They didn’t just luck their way onto the list of Best Donut shops in America, they’re seriously incredible!  Mmmm yes, Homer Simpson would be proud lol.  Since we’re already running a little long here, I won’t give a full bite by bite review this time but I was able to try about half of their menu options (yep, #greedaf lol) and each one was delicious!  You really can’t go wrong!  They obviously have all the classics like powdered, chocolate and sprinkles but if you’re feeling a bit more daring, check out some of the gourmet flavors like Dulce de Leche, Cassata or even Maple Bacon!  That’s right – a bacon covered donut y’all…what???!  They’re expanding so they might eventually open a shop near you but in the meantime, check out their full menu at davincisdonuts.com and be jealous…very jealous.  Lol do you have a location or food item you’d like for me to check out?  Comment below!


Okay I’ve been having this argument for several years so it’s time to finally get a definitive answer.  So in regards to Peanut Butter, which do you prefer – Crunchy (yayyy!!!) or Creamy (booo)?  I’ll allow substituting Almond Butter if that’s your thing but no adding other choices so Nutella doesn’t count lol.  Anyway… Comment below using the hashtag #TeamCrunchy or #TeamCreamy and may the best nut butter win!  (hmm…that sounds unintentionally dirty…lol my bad) Poll results will be posted on my Instagram, Twitter and Facebook pages so make sure to follow me!

Today’s Soundtrack

As most of you may know, I absolutely love writing, recording and listening to music.  And my playlist is pretty bizarre since it can pretty much go from soca/reggae over to classical music to gangsta rap over to deep house, to alt rock, pop, metal, anything goes really…well, except for Bluegrass lol.  Sorry not sorry….but yeah, each post will close out with a few songs that fit the themes of what we talked about.  If you have others to ad, feel free to drop them in the comments but for now, here’s today’s playlist:

Atomic Dog – Parliament (George Clinton…duh)

Dowhatchalike – Digital Underground (Shock G’s group that Tupac was also a member of before he went solo)

Express Yourself – Madonna

Express Yourself – NWA (see what I did there?  It’s a double Expresso…)

Gangsta Party – Tupac (lol this is the track Granny was bumping in her minivan)

Peanut Butter and Jelly – Galantis (lol this video is bizarre and hilarious ha shoutout to Lisa Oshea for putting me onto this ridiculousness)

Okay, don’t forget to vote (Crunchy!  Crunchy!! Crunchy!!!), like, comment, share and all that good stuff.  But until next time…

“Tell ‘em Large Marge sent ya…” 


20 thoughts on “I Donut Give a Sheet …

  1. This is so great Darryl! Keep up the positivity! Loving the music picks, cheat meal ideas (something to look forward to) and of course the fitness motivation. To adult or not to adult… bah.. how about not adult, with a side of adult… keep it real. REAL GOOD MOFO! 😘

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