Hashtag Blessed: Still Giving Thanks

Before we get started, let’s take a closer look at that hoodie! Ah yes, another edition to the Michael Jackson wing of my closet.  Ha, I love it!  It’s so loud and obnoxious…just like me! Anyway, welcome back to #DoubleFML FatDarrellPalooza! Wow, it’s December already?  If feels like just yesterday that I was bragging about… Continue reading Hashtag Blessed: Still Giving Thanks

Flashback Time Machine: Pon de Replay

Hoo-Rah!  What’s up everybody?  Welcome back to #DoubleFML FatDarrellPalooza! It’s hard to believe that next week is Thanksgiving already.  It feels like I just typed the Halloween post!  Geez.  Maybe it’s because the Christmas junkies have had their trees up since Labor Day, but this month feels like it’s flying by.  Before we move forward… Continue reading Flashback Time Machine: Pon de Replay